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Devotion and Strong Will After a 35-Foot Fall

“We had taken our French Bulldog Charlie to a friend’s place for a quick coffee on her condo’s fenced rooftop patio. Charlie had somehow jumped onto a bench and over the fence before we could grab him. He ran to the edge of the roof. Our hearts sank. He jumped and fell 35 feet to a concrete parking garage below. Just like that he disappeared. It didn’t seem real.

We found him covered in blood, panting from anxiety and limping. I picked him up and we rushed him to the closest animal hospital, Calgary North Veterinary Hospital.

Charlie had two fractured shoulders and his jaw was broken in three places. The veterinarian put three
screws in his jaw, and even after having his front legs bound, Charlie was determined to stand on his hind legs whenever he could. He also insisted that he be on my lap the entire time.

During this whole process, Trupanion was amazing. We were quoted bills that would total thousands of dollars. Trupanion pre-authorized and paid 90% of them. They took away all of the stress about finances, which allowed us to just focus on Charlie. Trupanion even called to make sure he was doing okay.

After months of hand-feeding him, taking him out to stand in the grass (to feel like a dog again!) and
holding him at the window to let him look outside, Charlie had his jaw fixture removed. His specialist was amazed how fast he was healing.

Today, he’s back to normal—running, jumping, playing, cuddling and making us laugh. You wouldn’t even know he fell but for a small scar on his chin. We’re so thankful for Trupanion’s help, and so glad Charlie is back to being himself. We’ve now insured Charlie’s new little brother, Gibson, with Trupanion as well!”

Sandon H. and Trace F.



Calgary, Alberta
Enrolled: March 2013
Condition: Trauma, Broken Jaw and Shoulder, Teeth Extraction, and Jaw Reconstruction
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $4,845.77

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