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Introducing MightyVet


MightyVet™ is an industry initiative with a mission to nurture and grow the veterinary ecosystem for the common good of pets, families, and veterinary professionals. Founded by veterinarians, MightyVet’s vision is to help educate veterinarians, students, techs, and anyone who surrounds them about the challenges and opportunities that those drawn to be a part of the most compassionate and trusted profession in the world can bring.

What does MightyVet offer?

MightyVet seeks to provide education, communication, and support in an effort to help bring about change in the veterinary profession.

Meaningful Connection

Communicate in ways that conferences simply don’t allow, encouraging real change.

Powerful Network

Network with and learn from peers, practice owners, deans, specialists, industry and thought leaders, and more.

On-Demand Education

Participate in continuing education courses with well-respected industry and thought leaders and influencers on your time, in your own setting for free.

Sign up today to receive free CE courses and industry updates. That’s it. MightyVet won’t fill up your inbox with information that isn’t relevant to you and your important work. 


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