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Cora Belle: Happy, Healthy and Chasing Rabbits

As a veterinary technician, I have seen too many pet owners forced to make medical choices based on financial ability when the unexpected happens. I knew I never wanted our family to be in that heartbreaking situation so we enrolled our dogs with Trupanion.

Only four months after enrolling Cora Belle she suffered a partial tear to one of her cruciate ligaments. Our veterinarian recommended surgery to repair her knee and we followed his recommendation without hesitation. Surgery was successful and 12 weeks later she was released to normal activity. Our Cora was back to her rabbit-chasing self!

During a follow-up visit, we discovered she had a small growth in her mouth. Cora had to have another surgery. Our veterinarian removed as much of the mass as he could but, the pathology report showed that the cancer extended into her jawbone. An oncologist recommended that we remove a small portion of Cora’s jaw to get rid of the cancer. We now faced a third surgery in only five months! Having Trupanion meant we never worried about the cost; instead, we could focus on what the best treatment would be for Cora Belle.

Cora Belle is now happy, healthy and cancer free and we couldn’t be more grateful to Trupanion! If it wasn’t for Trupanion our squirrel-chasing treat hound would be a limping dog with cancer and we would have no way to help her. Because Trupanion paid the veterinary hospitals directly, after meeting our deductible only $580 out of the over $5,500 of eligible costs came out of our pockets. This meant we could pursue the highest level of treatment to ensure the best life possible for our sweet girl. My husband and I will never get another pet without enrolling them with Trupanion!

Jennifer W.



Cora Belle

Beecher, Illinois
Enrolled: June 2016
Condition: CL Tear and Oral Cancer
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $5,643.63

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