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Oscar’s Winning Story

Oscar was diagnosed with a nasal adenocarcinoma in May 2015. We were devastated by the diagnosis and even more disturbed by the prognosis. Typically, dogs don’t survive more than nine months with this type of cancer. Fortunately, from the many years that we’ve worked with Trupanion, we knew that they had Oscar’s back. They quickly and unconditionally approved Oscar for Cyberknife radiation, the best state of the art treatment. Oscar did very well through the treatment and came through with very minimal side effects. We were able to successfully shrink his tumor and allow him to breathe much easier again.

Knowing that we had to fight this with everything we could, we pursued alternative treatments including ongoing prescription medications and Chinese herbal therapy. Trupanion has been there for us every step of the way and has so far paid out over $14,000 to support Oscar’s treatments. Without this assistance, we wouldn’t have been able to provide what we have so far to help Oscar maintain an excellent quality of life.

Facing a cancer diagnosis is hard enough, but not having to worry about the potentially catastrophic financial burden of treatment gives me and my family the peace of mind to fully enjoy all the time we have left with our best friend.

Thanks to Trupanion we have many happy days ahead of us!

Nick W.



San Diego, California
Enrolled: March 2010
Condition: Cancer
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $14,839.88


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