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A Happy Home and a Healthy Heart

About six years ago, Gidget, a small female Chihuahua, showed-up on our doorstep ready to be adopted. Up until she staked a claim in our household, Gidget was living on the street.

Immediately following her adoption, we asked our veterinarian at Coral Springs Animal Hospital to give her a complete physical. At an estimated age of 6-8 years old, she had to be spayed and her breast tumors removed.

Given a clean bill of health, we immediately enrolled in a Trupanion policy for Gidget. For about four years, she had no medical issues other than routine physicals and dentals.

Then, three weeks following her dental, we brought her back to the veterinarian for coughing. The doctor was surprised to discover that Gidget had developed a stage three heart murmur! This bad news distressed us because of the mounting costs of a cardiology specialist, imaging tests, blood tests, hospitalization costs, and heart medications can sure send a pet owner to the poor house.

That’s when Trupanion stepped in and Gidget’s medical policy covered the lion’s share of these expenses!

Two years later, and many cardiology visits later, Trupanion is still right by our side providing financial assistance for Gidget.

Understandably, three of our four dogs have Trupanion health policies as well!

Bob & Bara B.



Parkland, Florida
Enrolled: December 2013
Condition: Chronic Valvular Disease (Heart Condition)
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $16,030.20

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