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Healing Mercy at Every Turn

Meet Mercy Rose, my beautiful little angel! I wasn’t sure if I was ready for another dog as I had recently lost my Sarah who passed away at 11 years old from cancer. Broken hearted over Sarah, I decided to adopt the adorable Mercy I had seen online. I had a wonderful client advocate at Newport Harbor Animal Hospital introduce me to Trupanion.

Initially, I thought, “jeez, I am on social security—how am I going to afford monthly premiums?” Turns out, what I couldn’t afford was not signing up! Mercy has had multiple ailments over the years. The most recent was for a cruciate repair surgery. I was handed a $3,800 estimate and was able to provide the care Mercy needs only because Trupanion has been there for us at every turn.

I’m saddened for people who claim to have pet insurance but find out later their insurance won’t cover the costs. Many people pay out monthly for premiums but for one reason or another are denied. Mercy has never been denied!

It’s important that you are covered if you want to take optimum care of your pet. You aren’t guaranteed the pet the Lord will bring into your life will be in perfect health. But I’m convinced you’re given a way to provide for their needs. Please be ready!

I have a healthy, happy, blessed Mercy. Even though I am still paying for my previous dog Sarah—who’s been gone for six years—I have a $0 balance for Mercy thanks to Trupanion! Go with the best! If I get another dog, I will not go without Trupanion.

I’m writing this to put the word out about the importance of pet medical insurance. But even more so, a company that will not let you down. That is Trupanion!

Lynnetta R



Costa Mesa, California
Enrolled: January 2011
Condition: Multiple Ailments
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $16362.23

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