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Your Kitten’s First Year

Learn about your kitten's first year.

Congratulations on your new feline family member!

You’re in for a treat as your kitten grows from a tiny fur ball to an independent and utterly delightful cat. In their first year, your cuddly kitten will give you tons of joy and love. While your veterinarian will help you learn the specific needs of your furry friend, most kittens follow common life stages. Learn about what you will experience during your kitten’s first year.

Timeline of your kitten’s first year: 

From birth to 7 weeks - it is a critical time for development during your kitten's first year.

From 7 weeks to 3 months - it is a great time to begin socialization during your kitten's first year.

Between 3- 6 months - your kitten may become more mouthy. An essential tip to remember during your kitten's first year.

From 6-12 months, your kitten will begin to observe more. Such a fun time during your kitten's first year.

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