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How to Welcome a New Pet

The start of a beautiful friendship

After all the anticipation, you are ready to welcome a new pet into your life. Congratulations! Make sure you know what to expect when you bring your furry family member home.

Stay Calm!

A calm home environment for the first few weeks can help your new pet adjust and get comfortable. Additionally, giving your pet a small space to call their own can help them settle in and feel safe.

Cat- and Dog-Proof Their Space

Keep hazardous chemicals, potentially dangerous household items (like loose electrical cords), and breakable things out of their areas.

Toys and More Toys

A carpet-covered scratching post for cats and lots of chew toys for dogs will help them use their energy in an acceptable manner and could save your furniture!

Litter Box Training

Cats instinctively bury their waste, so set up their litter box in their space, keep it clean, and they should do the rest.

Consistency is Key

Keeping your dog on a routine from day one will help ease their transition and make training easier for you and them. Decide early the vocabulary you want to use for training, and stay consistent!

Patience and Love

The most important thing for all new pets is to be patient and show them lots of love as they adjust. It’s a learning process for both of you that will result in a lifelong friendship.

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