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Ailsa Beats the Odds

“Soon after beginning her certificate period with Trupanion, her owner found a lump on the centre of Ailsa’s rump. The lump was excised by Dr. Jeff Latimer and sent for histology testing. The results were devastating: soft-tissue sarcoma.

Within days of the pathology report, Ailsa went to The Mona Campbell Animal Cancer Centre at The University of Guelph for “staging” to determine the degree of progression of the cancer, a process that involved X-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, blood tests and physical examinations. The suite of tests showed that Ailsa had Stage III cancer and her prognosis was poor: about 35% chance of survival for eight months, even with treatment. In spite of the odds, the decision was made to proceed with five doses of palliative radiation treatment at The Ontario Veterinary College under the direction of Dr. Valerie Poirier, followed by six rounds of chemotherapy under the direction of Dr. Danielle Richardson from OVC, but administered by Drs. Latimer and Caudle at Princess Animal Hospital.

After 15 months, there is happy news: no indications of regrowth or metastasis. Ailsa continues to take daily oral chemotherapy drugs, enjoying walks by the lake and cuddles with her sister Bella. Her owner continues to be eternally grateful to Dr. Latimer, the OVC team and Trupanion for the extended gift of time with Ailsa, a rescue dog from a puppy mill in Quebec, who is now not only free from life in a cage, but but free from life with advanced cancer. Ailsa had, and continues to benefit from, the finest veterinary care available because of Trupanion’s protection.”

Lynda C.



Kingston, Ontario
Enrolled: May 2014
Condition: Sarcoma
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $20,509.71

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