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Bring Your Cat to Work Day, Every Day!

Trupanion: Bring your cat to work (every day!)

Trupanion has been a pet-friendly office since the beginning, and we couldn’t be more pleased that this trend is becoming more mainstream. Spending the day with furry friends helps reduce stress and increase job satisfaction – and we should know. Which means you can bring your cat to work every day.

We have at least 200+ dogs and cats in the office on any given day. When we talk about “pet-friendly” offices, the default is typically “dogs”, but here at Trupanion, dogs and cats work side-by-side.

In honor of #BringYourCatToWorkDay, Trupanion team members have offered their top tips for bringing your feline friend to the job.

Bring your cat to work every day 

Pet personality matters!

Bring your cat to work (every day!) - Blue investigating the cubicle at Trupanion. A calm, well-socialized cat helps, so they are relaxed with all the commotion in the office. I keep a cat bed at my desk for her to sleep in, and a litter box. I also keep a small pop up crate that she can go in if she is worried or I have a meeting she can’t go to (though I have plenty of volunteer cat watchers!).

– Diana C.

Bring your cat to work: socialize your pet

Try to take your cats out first for a short trip before you expect them to go for a long day at a scary place.

Make sure you have them wear the harness you are using for them at home for at least a week so they are comfortable in it and don’t have anxiety from it.  Reducing stress is key.

Allow them to do their own thing and be their own kitty while they are there.  Some hide and slowly come out, some immediately start to type messages to your coworkers.

Ultimately it is best to start them as young as possible so they are just about fearless, but older cats can learn too no matter what others say.

Most importantly, don’t be stressed yourself.  Cats need you to be calm and comfortable so you can be their support structure.  They act all big and bad, but it is a ruse.

– Christine B.

Bring your cat to work: safety first

I loved bringing in my cats and walking them on their leashes. However, it was scary because you never knew which dogs walking by we’re not cat-friendly so I felt like I had to be on guard as I have had many dogs lunge at me when I was carrying my cats.

-Heather P.

I haven’t really had a dog problem with bringing my cat Rory in office, but I feel like dealing with “cat eaters” should be just like dealing with reactive dogs, except you have to act as if your cat is a “dog eater” and as if they are the one that is reactive. Keep a safe amount of space between yourself and unknown dogs; their owner should have good enough control over their pet that the biggest threat is barking. Rory is pretty chill and could not care less about a barking dog unless – they’re a border collie. Another thing is to make sure that your cat is not able to eat your coworker’s plants and that you do not have any toxic plants on your desk either. Otherwise, I have a hiding space that is familiar to him that he enjoys when he’s had enough.

– Roslyn R.

Keep ‘em entertained

Bring your cat to work: Logan enjoying the office at Trupanion HQ. Logan loves the office! He’s got a scratcher and litter box and plenty of toys. I also have a hidey hole for him to crawl into and get away from everything because it can get loud in the office. He likes to explore around the cube and then sit on the desk or in my lap for the day. He also uses the litter box often so he’s pretty comfortable (so just keep plastic bags available to scoop at any moment). I also make sure I pack food! He likes to eat and it’s a good comfort tool too. It’s the same routine as at home. He’s just on a nice, long leash for exploring and to ensure if he gets spooked he can’t run far!

-Shelby C.

If you have a cat-friendly office, share your tips in the comments! If you don’t have a pet-friendly office, but you want some tips to make it happen, we have advice on how to get started.

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