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Domino’s Only Hope for a Cure

We first signed up for Trupanion when Domino swallowed a bee in the middle of the night. It only took one $500 emergency room bill for us to learn the value of pet medical insurance. We signed up the next day and it is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

At only two and a half years old, Domino was diagnosed with stage five canine lymphoma. We hugged, we cried, then we pulled ourselves together and started to formulate a plan. Determined to give her as much time as possible, we started investigating our options. Because of Trupanion, the cost was never a factor in deciding what to do next.

We met with an oncologist and started her on chemotherapy immediately. She responded very quickly— and soon she was in remission. Chemotherapy for dogs is not nearly as intense as it is for humans and we would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone facing a pet cancer diagnosis. However, with chemotherapy alone, most dogs eventually relapse within two years.

So as time wore on, we started investigating other options. That’s when we discovered that Trupanion had recently expanded coverage to include bone marrow transplants. This procedure is currently the only procedure with cure potential, but it comes at quite a hefty cost. We submitted an invoice and within a few days, we were pre-approved. Domino went in for the procedure in October 2016. She spent about two months at VCA West Los Angeles under the supervision of Dr. John Chretin and his talented staff of oncologists. As of now, she is still in complete remission and we pray that she will stay that way forever!

We are so thankful to all the wonderful people at Trupanion. Without their help, we never would have been able to afford this life-saving procedure.

Samuel P.



Santa Ana, California
Enrolled: April 2017
Condition: Lymphoma
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $98,012.24


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