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Everyone’s Invited: Pet Safety at the Family Barbecue

Barbecue season has officially started, and that means more time spent with friends and family playing and eating outdoors! This also means that our pets will be spending time outdoors with us, and there are a few safety precautions we need to consider when bringing pets along to a summer party.



Keep Fido away from the picnic table. Human foods such as chips, candy, and other snacks can upset your pup’s stomach. Other foods like chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins, and avocado can be toxic to dogs and cause serious health problems if they eat too much. Even corn cobbs can be problematic. So keep your dog away from the food.

No meat. Greasy grilled steak can also cause stomach upset. Dogs should never be fed cooked chicken bones as they can break apart and splinter your dog’s insides.

Hot grills. Keep your dog away from the grill while it’s being used. Dogs like to linger because of the enticing smells, but they can easily get burned or injured, even after the grill has been turned off.

Keep him leashed and tagged. If you’re going to a place that is unfamiliar to your dog, be sure that he is microchipped and/or wearing his ID tags should he become lost.

Be safe in the sun. If you’re outside during a bright, sunny day, be sure to supply some shade, extra water and equip Fido with some doggy sunscreen on his nose, ears, and other parts where the fur is thin.

Play the day away. Bring pet-friendly games, balls, and frisbees to make the most of your fun in the sun!

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