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A Saving Grace for a Setter Family

Pepper McDuff and Finnegan Patrick are our two Irish Setters. We have been a family of Setters for quite a while. Murphy, one of our earlier Setters, needed quite a bit of medical attention and ultimately had to be put down before he was three. Time does heal and we were finally ready to invite another Irish into our home.

Her name is Pepper and she is a wonderful, healthy 7-year-old female. Because of our past experience with Murphy, we looked into getting pet health insurance and decided that Trupanion was the best!

In early 2017, Pepper had a benign mass removed from her mouth. This excision also included partial removal of her jawbone. During surgery, when anesthesia was administered and the breathing tube was inserted, she experienced acid reflux.

This meant that her esophagus almost closed up. This closure prevented her from getting the food to her stomach and she lost quite a bit of weight. Additionally, she had aspiration pneumonia. Pepper has had numerous endoscopies and balloon dilations to open her esophagus so she can eat. Thus far, the cost for this treatment has been well over $9,000 and I’m happy to say that Trupanion has been there for us. They are continuing to reimburse us at 90% for all eligible costs. We cannot say enough about this company.

As I mentioned earlier, we have another setter named Finn who is insured as well. He is four and has benefited from Trupanion too. Early on he had a unique leg infection which needed expensive medication and several days of hospitalization. He also needed eyelid surgery. Again, Trupanion was there for us!

We think all pet owners should avail themselves of what Trupanion has to offer. They are an outstanding company!

Colleen O.



Naples, Florida
Enrolled: July 2010
Condition: Mass Removal, Pneumonia, Esophageal Stricture
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $12,238.71


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