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Veterinarian Appreciation Day

Trupanion trademarked June 18 as Veterinarian Appreciation Day™ as a way to celebrate veterinarians and veterinary professionals. Thank you for all you do!

We love veterinarians.

It’s no secret that we at Trupanion love veterinarians. We admire the compassion, dedication, and drive that it takes to have a career in veterinary medicine. They play a key role in helping our pets live long, happy, healthy lives—all without being able to ask their patients, “Where does it hurt?”

Nearly twenty years ago, our company was founded with the input and support of veterinarians, and they’ve remained a core part of our business ever since. We regularly consult with our staff veterinarians, and we rely on their expertise in the field when reviewing claims. And, in March of 2018, we partnered in the launch of MightyVet™, an initiative dedicated to shedding light on the struggles and opportunities that come with the most compassionate and trusted profession in the world.

As experts in a variety of fields, from radiology to cardiology and dentistry, caring for multiple species from newborn to senior, we’re constantly in awe of veterinary professionals. It’s no wonder they are among the top 10 trusted professionals in North America.

So, while we celebrate veterinarians every day, on June 18, we celebrate them with the whole world. They are our pets’ greatest allies, protectors, and advocates, and we feel lucky to work beside them every day.

Thank you!

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