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Barney’s Near Blunder

“My husband George and myself were left devastated after our adored dog Molly died in June 2011. We knew we were not ready to bring another dog so soon into our lives so we visited our favourite animal rescue – Heaven Can Wait in High River, Alberta. Within minutes of George seating himself on one of the many sofas there he was ‘claimed’ by a small mackerel tabby that had curled up on his chest and promptly gone to sleep. He ‘had already been chosen’. The cat had been found in February, taped shut in a cardboard box with his sister on the Trans Canada Highway. The rescue had always been hoping to home them as a pair as they had already been through so much together. We didn’t need any convincing so TWO cats came home with us that day. We named them Barney and Betty.

In early January this year I noticed that Barney looked a bit uncomfortable. He wasn’t eating and was also being very quiet – all most unlike him. We took him straight to the 24 hour C.A.R.E Centre here in Calgary. When the vet examined him she decided that either an x-ray or an ultrasound would help her make the most decisive diagnosis as she was concerned that Barney may have had a blockage in his bowel. Knowing we had insurance for Barney brought us great peace of mind – knowing that 90% of the costs would be covered we opted for an ultrasound. The ultrasound determined that there was indeed something blocking his bowel and a specialist surgeon was called in immediately to perform the operation to remove the foreign object. A small rubber item was presented to us as the guilty party – its origin we have been unable to identify but we will certainly keep an even closer watch on our beloved Barney from now on! Barney has made a rapid and complete recovery – somewhat due to the prompt veterinary attention we sought because if the bowel had perforated Barney could have died. It goes to show that even a full house cat can experience medical emergencies – knowing that we have insurance takes the worry away. Thank you, Trupanion, for being there when we needed you most.”

Susan B.



Calgary, Alberta
Enrolled: June 2011
Condition: Intestinal Foreign Body
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $3,306.47

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