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Celebrate Pride with Trupanion

Together we celebrate Pride with Trupanion.

We here at Trupanion have come together to celebrate Pride this month. Pride is a month to celebrate love, acceptance, authenticity, individuality, and diversity in our personal and professional endeavors. We embrace the ideals of what Pride stands for and truly welcome this as a part of our family culture.  We sat down with Amy Kirsh (Tru-Pride creator ) to detail Tru-Prides celebrations in the workplace and in our community.

How Trupanion observes and honors Pride Month

Celebrate Pride with Trupanion.

Trupanion Tru-Pride culture

Trupanion believes every that every team member should be able to express themselves exactly how they are. This space exists to provide the LGBTQIA+ team members ( and allies) to feel safe and comfortable being themselves at work. Take the time to celebrate you and who you are!

Learn how to celebrate Pride with Trupanion.

What is Tru-Pride?

Tru-pride is a group made up of Trupanion team members who are either a part of the LGBTQIA+ community or an ally of this community. In addition, this community is a trust-worthy space that provides a supportive network to create allies within the company.  Further, this group fosters creative relationships across departments and provides a fun space to hang out and make memories.

“I created Tru-Pride not only to be a support system for our community that is already in place, but also for the new hires to know immediately there is a safe space for them” states on-site Trupanion recruiting manager and Tru-Pride creator, Amy Kirsch.

Celebrate Pride with Trupanion: Tru-Pride events

This group meets on a monthly basis, and June was no exception. Additionally, Tru- Pride events include: “dress like a rainbow day”, the official creation of Trupanion team member Pride t-shirts, a puppy kissing booth and a DIY rainbow glasses for craft night.

Tru-Pride and our community

Dogs Love Everyone - celebrate Pride with Trupanion.

As we celebrate Pride together in the month of June we have found it is a joyful way for our team members to come together to network, socialize, make lasting friendships and memories. Happy Pride!

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