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Rhea’s “Friday Night Special”

I can remember the excitement we had in our eyes that Christmas morning the day we picked up our brown-eyed, giant-pawed, floppy-eared blue merle, Miss Princess Rhea. We instantly fell in love with that wet nose and lanky body, but little did we know what the first year had in store for us. After about a month we had our first Trupanion claim, followed by an abundance more—two of them being overnight hospital stays, and one leading to a gastropexy! Thanks to Trupanion and my amazing veterinary team at Stratham-Newfields Veterinary Hospital, we were able to give Rhea all the proper care that she needed being the mini-horse she quickly turned into!

In no time, Rhea quickly became known as the “Friday night special” at the veterinarian. She was always getting into mischief just before the weekend! I can’t thank the amazing staff enough for staying late and for sneaking me in when things went wrong! Throughout the year Rhea has received treatment for allergies, which included a panel of allergy testing and development of her own serum, she’s gotten a gastropexy, she’s had multiple x-rays, blood work, stool tests, urine tests and plenty more! Just about every part of Rhea’s body is now insured under Trupanion, and I can’t thank them enough for the help with costs, which has been well over $6,000. Not only with just the medical expenses, but they also helped with food costs when she needed a special diet for recovery, as well as her medicine! Thank you to Rhea’s amazing team of doctors and technicians as well as the great staff over at Port City Veterinary Hospital; I will continue to recommend Trupanion to all of my friends and family for all they have done for me and my fur babies!

Nerissa M.




Fremont, New Hampshire
Enrolled: December 2015
Condition: Multiple Ailments
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $11,653.94

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