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Self-Care Kits For Veterinary Teams

Veterinary Appreciation Day is on June 18. In the past, we’ve helped you celebrate with instructions to create DIY pet treat jars and pet silhouette thank you cards. While these are fun, unique gifts, this year we thought about what our beloved veterinary staffs might really want – some good, old-fashioned TLC. We’ll show you how to put together the perfect self-care kit for your veterinary team to say thank you.  

We love a good self-care day and everyone who works in a veterinary clinic more than deserves to focus on their own wellness after they’ve run around taking care of our furry family all day. Here are a few things you’ll need to create the perfect self-care kit for your veterinary team.

What you’ll need:

Practical items

Bandages, aspirin, and medicated patches – while this might not seem like the most fun set of gifts to include in your veterinary team’s self-care kit, they’re practical. Animal health professionals spend their day on their feet, attending to others’ needs before thinking about themselves.

Headaches and backaches happen. You might not be able to diagnose your pet’s allergies, but you can definitely help the vet team who does.

(Human) treats

Now onto the tasty part! From store-bought chocolate bars to fresh baked cookies, no one turns down a sugary pick-me-up. It might be a cliché but that doesn’t make it wrong, so pack that kit full of your favorite candies and get ready to see some big smiles from your vet hospital.

The VIP treatment

While you may not be able to turn the clinic lobby into a serene spa, you can definitely help with the small stuff. Sheet face masks and sugar scrubs are

cheap and a great way to show your pet’s health team how much you care. Check out a local dollar store or drug store for great deals.

Afternoon snacks

So far we have some sugary goodness, but what if you want to prevent an afternoon energy crash? Throw some energy bars or trail mix into the self-care kit to provide a more nutritious option. Your vet team will be more than grateful when they’re running between appointments and need a quick, healthy bite.

A personal touch

Does the receptionist at your clinic love Costco muffins? Will the vet techs be overjoyed with a bottle of champagne or two? Do you have a hunch that your veterinarian will appreciate nothing more than a coffee or lunch gift card?

You know your pet’s veterinary team more than anyone else, and a personal touch will make this even more special.

Your appreciation

After all, it is Veterinary Appreciation Day! While tangible goodies are great any day of the week, a simple “thank you” can go a long way. Insert a handwritten card into your gift, write a note on the outside of the bag or box, or just tell the vet team how much their help has meant to you and your family when you hand them their self-care kit.

We love our pets, and we love the people who keep our pets happy and healthy. How will you celebrate Veterinary Appreciation Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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