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Taking Care of Kelly: Can I Afford This?

On June 1st, 2014 I found a massive softball-sized lump protruding from Kelly’s left hind leg. Having no idea what this could be I took her to our local vet Dr. Swinamer at Companion Animal Hospital. Dr. Swinamer advised, “this has to come out tomorrow!” The mass was removed and sent out for testing, and the results came back as advanced soft tissue sarcoma.

Kelly was young (turning 5 in less than a month), happy and otherwise healthy. Dr. Swinamer suggested taking Kelly to Vet Cancer Center in Norwalk, CT. The doctors at VCC recommended an aggressive treatment plan due to the advanced stage of the tumor. Four weeks straight of radiation, six rounds of chemo and checkups every three months, including x-rays, full blood panel, and whatever may be needed at that visit.

I was at the point where I had to make the hard decision— do I move forward? Do I put Kelly though this? How will her quality of life be affected? What is the prognosis?

Because of Trupanion, I didn’t have to address the biggest deciding factor that most people face—can I afford this?

I can honestly say Kelly is alive today because of the financial support Trupanion provided. The cost of the treatment was never a factor in my decision-making process. There was no way I could give up and not move forward. Kelly has always been stubborn and a fighter and I knew she was ready to take this fight on.

We are past the 2-year point, and I am happy to say Kelly is doing great! Thank you, Trupanion, for all your support to humans and their fur babies.

Lori & Kelly




Groton, Connecticut
Enrolled: April 2013
Condition: Sarcoma
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $18,522.39

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