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#VeterinaryLove Winners

This week we celebrated Veterinary Appreciation Day, during which we thanked all the veterinary professionals who treat our pets with such love and compassion. We also picked our #VeterinaryLove winners! In May we asked you why your veterinary team deserved to be surprised with presents and yummy treats. Turns out we all really love our veterinary teams. While we already knew that, it was still touching to see all the submissions shared through social media, email, and our blog.

We received over one hundred stories and pictures of pet owners thanking their veterinary teams. Some were funny, some were sweet, and all were moving. It was tough, but we narrowed all the submissions down to our top five. The following #VeterinaryLove winners will be surprised with gifts and goodies from Trupanion representatives over the next few weeks. Thank you to everyone who joined in and told us why their veterinary teams are amazing and thank you to the tireless, wonderful veterinary professionals who take such good care of our furry family members.

Pawsh Place veterinary team
Trupanion Representative Rob S. with some of the veterinary team at Pawsh Place Veterinary Center

#VeterinaryLove Winners for Veterinary Appreciation Day

Pawsh Place Veterinary Center & Boutique

Vacaville, CA

“This is my dog Atlas. He suddenly became very sick when he was 8 weeks old and we took him to the emergency vet. They swabbed him for parvo and the results were negative, so they decided to hydrate him with an IV and observe him overnight. The next day, we picked Atlas up and took him to our amazing vet, Dr. Chancellor at Pawsh Place in Vacaville, CA. He was swabbed again for parvo that morning and the results were still negative. Atlas appeared to be getting sicker and sicker by each passing minute. Dr. Chancellor spent a lot of time with us and Atlas trying to figure out what was wrong with him.

We finally decided on a plan to take Atlas home with a concoction of IVF that consisted of vitamins, antibiotics, anti-nausea medications and a whole lot of hope. She referred to it as the last attempt at saving him with something that wasn’t already tried on him. We took Atlas home and started our very lethargic puppy on the fluids and within 6 hours he totally turned the corner. The next day he started eating again and within 48 hours he was back to himself again.

The knowledge, patience, and understanding that Dr. Chancellor exhibited towards us and our pup should be recognized. We had 5 kids at home and were not looking forward to coming home and telling them that our puppy was too sick to bring home. I will never use another vet, I have full confidence in her. She should win the award for the best veterinarian on June 18th

This is Atlas now… he is almost 9 months old and healthier than ever.” – Lindsay C.

Burnhamthorpe Animal Hospital

Mississauga, ON

“I would like to thank the wonderful staff at Burnhamthorpe Animal Hospital in Mississauga, Ontario.

Molly is our baby and the centre of our lives. I knew I needed to find a clinic that would understand this and provide the best care possible. Everyone at the clinic is so caring and they answer all of my questions (I do have a lot of them). Recently Molly (only a year and a half) had a very high ALT liver value. I was devastated and worried. They explained everything to me (more than once!), started tests and referred me to a specialist all within a few days. Their quick action and knowledge helped catch this issue quickly and Molly is well on her way to being a healthy pup again.

Thank you, ladies, for all that you do! Not only for Molly but also for me! I know I can call or stop by and you will always be there for us!” – Erin F.

Gibson’s Veterinary Hospital

Gibsons, BC

“When we moved to a small town on the Sunshine Coast we patiently waited for the new vet practice to open and I’m not sure I can thank them enough for everything they have done for our pets in the last year. All the staff at Gibson’s Veterinary Hospital are beyond amazing and they all go the extra mile for their customers. They welcome everyone with a smile and always so helpful with answering questions, sorting out insurance claims and caring for our pets. It’s sadly been a tough year for our household losing not only our little bunny Willow but also our precious dachshund Punkin – both within 2 months.

Dr. Jesse helped us through Willow’s loss with his caring nature and as we still had a bunny recovering from her spay, he followed up every day to make sure she was recovering well; even checking in on us and how we were dealing with our loss. When Punkin suddenly fell ill and within a couple of hours got diagnosed with hermangiosarcoma, we received again excellent care from everyone in the office. We sadly had to say goodbye to Punkin two days later and Dr. Hershel came in on his day off to see us and say his goodbye too. We have been touched and beyond amazed at the care everyone shows our pets and we could not ask for better vets.” – Randi J.

Foster Hospital for Small Animals at Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University

North Grafton, MA

“Our sweet Oliver recently passed away at 3 years old. In his 3 years, he lost his leg due to a gunshot wound, was abandoned, and developed severe epilepsy. Yet, he also adventured all over the US! Oliver wouldn’t have been able to have the jaw-dropping adventures he did without the constant love and care of his veterinary team. Due to his chronic and debilitating idiopathic epilepsy, Oliver spent many weeks in the ICU at Foster Hospital for Small Animals at Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University. His neurology team got to know him (and us) extremely well. This team tirelessly answered our cries for help by spending extra time researching ground-breaking treatments for epilepsy while nurturing our dog with the care he deserved. He wasn’t always the easiest patient but he was always worth it.

We can’t thank Dr. Faissler, Dr. Gallo and the team of students and techs for their ongoing support for our family as we went through the toughest of times. They did everything they could for our Oliver until they couldn’t any longer. They cried with us as we let him go. We hold them in the highest regard. It would mean so much for their hard work and dedication to our and many other families be recognized. #VeterinaryLove” – Heather M.

Waconia Veterinary Clinic

Waconia, MN

“I’d like to nominate my primary care vet clinic, Waconia Vet Clinic in Waconia, Minnesota. I now travel 45 minutes for Dr. Mandy Harms to care for my dogs. Remi began having seizures shortly after she turned 9 years old. Mandy gave me her personal cell phone number in case of an emergency came up and I needed her.

A few weeks later, Remi suffered cluster seizures. I called Mandy at midnight! She told me I needed to take Remi to the emergency vet. She called them to let them know I was on my way and to give the history of the situation.

I’ve been taking my pets to Mandy for 10+ years now. She knows me. She knows my family. She knows my pets. She treats my pets as if they were hers and doesn’t try to nickel and dime me for unnecessary things.” – Toni M.

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