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Yoga to De-Stress with Your Pet

Namaste Yogis!

We come together to celebrate the International Day of Yoga.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Mindfulness-based practices can improve worker’s health and reduce employer’s costs by ameliorating the negative effect of stress on worker’s health.” In our busy day-to-day operations, we often look for ways to reduce stress in our professional and personal lives. According to, “Many workplaces are incorporating wellness benefits as part of their employee benefits packages. These wellness benefits can include on-site fitness centers, discounted gym memberships, and yoga!”

We here at Trupanion look to yoga as a way to get our bodies moving and clear our heads for a productive workday. We took the time to sit down and chat with our in-house resident yoga instructor, Samantha, on how to incorporate yoga into your daily work-day routine with our pets.

Yoga to de-stress with your pet: the benefits of pet yoga

Why Yoga and pets?

Samantha: For me, Yoga is a sense of purpose. When I am practicing, that is my only purpose at that moment, a moment that I am in complete control over. There are not many other ways where I can completely connect my body and mind. Through yoga, I have developed more patience, focus, and acceptance of myself and others.

The practice of yoga is not only wonderful for the human, but also for your pet. The shared experience creates a bond like no other, helps relieve stress and anxiety, and opens up the opportunity for open communication.

According to the Yoga Journal, “When you practice present-moment-awareness, or mindfulness, as you do during yoga, you enhance your relationships … with humans, plants, and animals.” Yoga is a shared positive experience that is emotionally, mentally, and physically good for you and your pet’s well-being.

Yoga and pets: what are good starter poses for beginners?

Samantha: “The individual poses within the sun salutation sequences are great to know. Additionally, The Child’s Pose, Tree Pose, Bridge Pose are foundational favorites to try out. These positions may seem simple, but the possibilities are open and endless.”


Yoga and pets: can Yoga be done in the workplace?

Samantha: “There are several easy positions that can be incorporated into your daily routine while sitting at your desk. The Seated hip stretching or figure four pose. Bring the ankle of one leg on top of the knee of the other leg, into a 4’ Shape. The leaning forward will deepen the pose. The Tree pose can be done anywhere where you are standing still – you can even keep both feet on the ground.”

How does Yoga in the office help with workflow?

Samantha: “Yoga helps keep the sanity and build our connections. We as humans live such crazy, busy, stressful lives of endless deadlines and projects. It is essential to keep our well-being and that we are able to disconnect from distractions like phones and televisions and be able to bring our awareness internally and really connect with ourselves. I believe yoga can help serve the purpose of many people’s lives. The sense of connection grounds and energizes us, providing calmness, drive, focus, which helps us change our lifestyles for the better.”

A yoga enthusiast, Kristen, a team member who attends the yoga classes in our workplace states “Having yoga in the office can help alleviate the post-lunch/mid-day slump! Yoga gives the extra boost of energy to keep us going throughout their workday. It has been proven that physical activity, like yoga, can increase our problem-solving capabilities. Dogs and Kitties have fun while their owners are trying to bend and hold poses. Most of all we are all happy when we are surrounded by our pets.” 

Samantha: “Whenever I practice yoga, my cat is always involved! As a result, she eventually gets bored and takes a nap. Additionally, some fun yoga poses to try with your pets are any forward folds, which can be done standing or seated. Any forward fold where your face gets low enough to the ground for them to rub or lick your face.”

How long have you been teaching Yoga?

Samantha: “I started teaching in December 2015 after I received my certification. In addition, I’ve been practicing yoga since 2012. I find you can never stop learning or studying.”

What does International Day of Yoga mean to you?

Samantha: “This time is an opportunity to read and learn about both the roots of Yoga. It means a lot as a Yogi and Believer in the practice to see this new international recognition. We can hope to see the effects of the practice and its benefits continuing to grow.”

The learning opportunities are incredible for the pet. They are learning and growing in a safe, loving, and nurturing environment. The safe space allows room for socialization and bonding with like-minded pets and parents. The lifelong student journey is applicable to humans and their pets.

Take this time on International Day of Yoga to breathe, reflect, stretch, and try out some poses with your furry companions. Check out our team member Poncho rocking some yoga poses. Poncho Instagram: @losmexicanamigos

Let us know in the comments below how you celebrate International Day of Yoga!

 Yoga and pets: Poncho enjoying some down time.     yoga and pets: a fun way to interact with your furry friends.   Enjoy International Day of Yoga by participating in yoga with your pets.

Extended Puppy Pose

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