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6 Tips to Create an Epic National Parents Day with Your Pet

We here at Trupanion look to our pets as part of the family. So, it’s no surprise that Pets consider us their family. According to Trupanion’s recent TruPoll, a survey of 1,250 pet owners, 44% of pet owners referred to themselves as “pet parent”. In observation of July 22 being, National Parents Day, we look to this day to celebrate parents with their pets. Below are 6 ideas to celebrate National Parents day with your companions.

6 tips to celebrate National Parents Day with your Pets

Grab a Cardio Session

A morning fitness session is a great way to exercise and bond with your pet. Pick an activity that is comfortable for both fitness levels. According to our Tru-Poll, 26% of pet owners have taken up a new physical activity with their pet.  The sky is the limit! You could partake in a morning run, walk thru the park, or toss the old ball.

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After your morning exercise activity, grab a bite to eat with your furry companion. Many establishments allow for dining with your pet on outside patios. Also, you could picnic in the park and enjoy the atmosphere. Who doesn’t want bottomless water bowls?






Spa Day

Take a spa day and treat your furry companion!  According to our TruPoll, 57% of pet owners choose to groom as a perk on a regular basis. This posh activity is quite popular and it doesn’t end with grooming. Additionally, 18% of pets partake in pawdicures, 4% massage, and 3% hair coloring.



Shopping Spree

Hit the sales rack and grab some stylish garb for you and your pet. 38% of TruPoll pet owners purchase clothing items for their pet on a regular basis. I’m sure your pet would appreciate matching attire to wear around the office.









Capture the Moment

A picture says a 1000 words. Snap a picture and commemorate the day. According to Tru-Poll, 56% of parents opted for a professional photography session with their pet. Also, 44% commissioned a professional painting or drawing of their furry friend. A picture is a great way to capture the memories with your pet as an entire family.


Rest and Relaxation

After a long fun-filled day it’s time for some rest! According to our TruPoll, 17% of pet owners have opted to live in a more pet-friendly residence. This includes finding a home that accommodates their pet. Also, 40% of millennial’s have moved in order to live in a more pet-friendly home. Kick up those paws and enjoy the time with your family.

National Parents Day is about celebrating being parents and what a better way to celebrate than spending time with our amazing companions.









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