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Creating an Emergency Plan with Your Pet in Mind

An emergency can strike at any time. A natural disaster can happen with little to no notice. The aftermath of these events can be catastrophic. Creating an emergency plan with your pet in mind can provide stability, structure, and peace of mind for the unexpected.

Establish an Emergency Plan with your Pet

Make Contact

Contact your local shelters. Find out which shelters accept pets and store their contact information. Prepare an evacuation route. Invest in a map, with various stops that include food, gas, rest stops and lodging on the route. Establish emergency contacts in case evacuation is imminent. Additionally, create a list of pet-friendly hotels, lodging and family/friends in the area that are on your planned evacuation route.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

If a bag is already packed that will alleviate stress during a high-stress time period. Commonly called a “go bag”, keep your bag in an accessible location such as the car, near your front door, or even at your workplace. Items to include in your emergency kit include bedding, food, medications, pet records and contact information. You want to have the ability to “grab and go” while taking care of your pet.

Stay Informed

Just as swiftly as a disaster can occur it can in an instant change in speed, direction, or velocity. Stay informed via news outlets and professional sources so you can have up to the minute news. Download news apps on your phone that can alert you. Store contact information for lodging and shelters on paper and phone, and always have a backup plan.

If you establish your contact list, stay informed, and prepare a kit you are preparing to provide safety, comfort, and security for your human and furry family members.

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