Dogs in National Parks: Hike Canada’s National Parks with Your Pet
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Dogs in National Parks: Hike Canada’s National Parks with Your Pet

Explore with your furry friend - check out our dogs in national parks essential guide.

The open road is ready for you to explore with your pet in tow and hike throughout Canada’s National Parks. It’s time for summer adventure as we relax, hike, camp, and soak in nature’s beauty. Check out our top five pet-friendly Canadian national park destinations with your dog. Discover the ultimate adventure spots for dogs in national parks.

Dogs in national parks: hike Canadian national park destinations with your pup

Dogs in National Parks - gives your the chance to explore and adventure with your furry friends by your side.

Banff national park: Alberta

Banff National Park was established in 1885 and is the first national park of Canada. There are over 1600 kilometers (1,000 miles) of trails to explore with your companion. Additionally, enjoy the experience of  Lake Louise, Johnson Lake, and the ever pet-friendly hotel Fairmont Banff Springs during your stay.

Jasper national park: Alberta

Just a hop, skip, and a jump from Banff National Park is Jasper national park. Jasper has some of the most incredible views around and is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies. According to the national park site, Lake Edith and Lake Annette are close to the city, while Lake Pyramid and Lake Patricia are ideal picnic stops. The versatile trails will keep you and your pet happy and motivated.

Forillon national park: Quebec

Forillon national park holds over 59,000 acres of pure beauty and became established in 1970. This destination nestles in the International Appalachian Trail. The Les Parages trail has historical opportunities (Dolbel-Roberts House, Hyman Store, L’Anse Blanchette) and La Chute has a picturesque waterfall at the end of the trail.

Cape Breton Highlands national park: Nova Scotia

Cape Breton was established in 1936 and features the famous Cabot Trail. This national park has over 26 hiking trails that you can adventure with your furry companion. Above all the diverse trails can accommodate families to skilled hikers while bordered the most majestic surroundings. Also try out La Buttereau, Le Charmin de Buttereau, and Benjie’s Lake trail with your pet.

Fundy national park: New Brunswick

Over 100 kilometers of trails inhibit this 70 year-old National Park. Fundy National Park trails are categorized by difficulty and include a vast scenery ranging from forest to coast. Similarly, Fundy national park trails are worth highlighting which include Caribou Plain, MacLaren Pond, and ShipHaven. Don’t forget to check out the highest tide in the world with your pup and slumber in a Yurt.

Enjoying the company of your pets is one of the many highlights of having your dogs in national parks with you.

Dogs in national parks: fun for the entire family 

While hiking and camping throughout Canada make sure to adhere to any rules and regulations of the Canadian National Park System. Dogs must be kept on a leash and are allowed on trails, roads, picnic areas, and campgrounds. Check with each individual campsites in regards to pet-friendly lodging and accommodations.

Additionally, make sure you have ample food, water, and medications for your pet. Also, keep current vaccination records on hand if needed. Most importantly, take the time to get some rest and relaxation and have fun adventuring with your mate!

What are some of your favorite memories of your dogs adventuring with you in national parks? 

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