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#MyTruStory Contest Featured Winners

In May, we introduced the #MyTruStory contest and asked you to share your testimonial of the impact we have made on your pets care on Instagram. The #MyTruStory testimonials poured in and we received over one hundred submissions.

We loved reading through all the touching stories and seeing all the photos of your pets! We are thrilled that we are able to be a part of their care and help on their journey.

Thank you to everyone who participated! Everyone who submitted an entry received a promo code from our partners at Petcube and five winners were selected at random to receive a $100 Amazon gift certificate. We are happy to share with you the five featured winners of the #MyTruStory contest:

My TruStory Contest Winners



“When my mom rescued me, she had no idea what she was in for. No big deal, since she’s been rescuing dogs like forever. I have deformed hips. Hip dysplasia. Quite a terrible thing for my breed. I have the genes of a working dog. My mind says I need to run almost all day, but my body isn’t agreeing to that. Still, I have a darn good life. Luckily, my mom got medical insurance for me. This is seriously the best thing she’s ever done. TRUPANION is going to pay for my new hips when the time comes that I need surgery. They are paying 90% of the bill! That’s thousands of dollars! I’ve had some pretty expensive illnesses and boo-boos already. It breaks her heart when I get hurt, so at least it doesn’t break her wallet! Every time we go to the doctor, I hear her telling other people about Trupanion, and she always shows off pictures of me and my pack” ~BARNEY~

Milo Kinz


“This is Milo Kinz and this is #mytrustory. I got him almost 10 years ago as an 8-week old puppy. He was my first dog as an adult taking care of someone other than myself. I had just graduated from vet tech school and needed a buddy. He’s been there for me through thick and thin; he even moved from CA LA with me. I started working @uvhvets about 7 years ago. Our hospital decided as a benefit they would offer Trupanion as part of your benefits. Without hesitation, of course, I signed up. Several years back he was diagnosed with urinary bladder stones, to my disbelief, Trupanion paid for 90% of everything that he would need from pre-op to surgery to post-op care. They’ve even taken care of his follow-ups and rechecks as we need them! About 2 years later he was diagnosed again with bladders stones but on top of that sludge in his gallbladder! I, of course, was devastated! As a pet mother and experienced vet tech working with the most amazing doctors, where did I go wrong? Once again Trupanion came in saving the day by covering 90% of everything needed to take care of my favorite guy the best way I knew how! I’m so grateful to have Trupanion by my side because I know that I never have to think twice about anything my guy needs because financially I will be ok! Thank you Trupanion!”

Tizz and Ion


“In March 2016, I gave my human the scare of a lifetime.
While she was sick in bed with pneumonia for days, she didn’t realize I’d been hiding. When she finally questioned why I wasn’t cuddling her like I usually do, she looked for me. And when she found me, she noticed I was struggling to breathe.

She put me in my crate and we rushed to the emergency pet hospital in Ottawa where I was diagnosed with Pneumonia – I think it’s important for cats to engage in the same activities (i.e. breathing struggles) as their human! (Bonding or whatever)

My prognosis was bleak – I was 12, struggled with chronic bronchitis, and was well into my illness. But my human kept me going. Money was no issue because I was insured with Trupanion. So that meant money was no worry, and all we had to do was focus on healing. My human ordered every test, every state of the art procedure, absolutely anything to keep me going. I had x-rays, an alveolar lovage (horrible!), an echocardiogram, and loads of oxygen, pain drugs, and happy sedatives.    She visited me every. Single. Day. Even though she was really sick too.

The vets realized the only time I did well, or slept, and wasn’t a holy hissing terror was when I was with my human. They put us in the comfort room together, and my breathing slowed.
My vitals improved.
I got the sleep I needed.
My human and the vets decided that after 10k dollars and 5 days in the ICU that my only option to get better was to go home and be calm.
So we did.
And together my human and I healed.
It’s been over two years now since that scare! I take my inhalers easily. It’s a distant memory at this point. I’m here because I’m insured, I’d hate to think what would have happened if I wasn’t. I’m happy and I’m pretty healthy for an old girl!
My human and I are grateful for every day that we get to spend together. In good health, and in good company  #MyTruStory”

Ethel Mae Frances


“Ethel Mae Frances is our sweet, southern, peachy poptart whom we adopted last October. She was bred over and over her entire life until they deemed her too old and dumped her at a shelter with hair loss, crooked and stiff hind legs, and a mouth full of rotten teeth. A local rescue pulled her from the shelter and got her all fixed up with a foster home. She had all but one tooth pulled when she was under for her spay, and almost didn’t make it through surgery as her heart stopped twice. We had been looking for a senior dog to foster or adopt and her story caught our eyes and hearts. We put in an application and a few weeks later went to pick up our newest family member! We realized, after about a month of adjustment time and her acceptance that this was home now, that she was a scavenger and would put ANYTHING in her mouth. We tried to be very vigilant and picked up anything small she could fit in her mouth once we saw her doing it a few times. She loves (L.O.V.E.S.) food and we knew something was wrong when she vomited twice in one day and wasn’t interested in food. A few days back and forth to the vet ended in a hospital stay and, what had been presumed to be pancreatitis, turned out to be a foreign body obstruction in her intestines. We had just had a new HVAC installed and the estimate for the surgery and care she needed were high. We called Trupanion to see if they could pre-approve everything and pay the vet directly. We wouldn’t have been able to put together enough money in the time she needed to get her surgery done (a few hours) to not risk further damage or potentially death. They were so great through the process and empathetic to our situation. We’ve told everyone we know with furkids to get Trupanion insurance. It saved Ethel Mae’s life! We just celebrated her 11th birthday and her first vacation in our family last week, and we wouldn’t have had that opportunity without Trupanion. #myTrustory”



“This is #MyTruStory. Abbey came to us at 6months old and we enrolled her in pet insurance right away. Trupanion sure did get to know us well over her life! She had a slew of health problems over the years, from countless lumps needing to be removed to two new knees and one massive infection that took us to the emergency vets more than once. Every time I took her to the vet with her latest unknown ailment it was honestly always a relief to say, “We have insurance; test everything you need to.” She had file folders stuffed to the brim with claims, bless her, and it never deterred her from LOVING going to the vets, or from being the athlete she was. Trupanion always provided the very best customer service – every single time – which, when you have a sick pup, is a great relief when all you want to think about is getting her better. And when Abbey passed last year, they sent us a thoughtful card with hand written messages expressing their condolences. Because of Abbey, and our literally countless experiences with Trupanion over the years, every dog I ever own will be insured through Trupanion – and I encourage every pet owner I know to get Trupanion as well! Thanks for reading #MyTruStory.”

My TruStory Content Featured Winners 

Thank you to everyone who shared your #MyTruStory! We always love hearing from you and your furry family members.



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