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Shadow: A Testament to Resilience

Meet Shadow, a 7-year-old King Charles Cavalier who thinks every day is the best day ever! Shadow loves to swim, walk, and eat. Everyone he encounters falls in love at first lick – something he does when people get their noses too close, and he is with us thanks to a team of people who saved his life.

When Shadow was a year-and-a-half, he required surgery. Unfortunately, due to complications caused by the anesthetic, his heart stopped. Shadow ended up spending 10 days in the ICU at the Ontario Veterinary Clinic, in Guelph, where he received round-the-clock care and underwent two additional procedures. We had no idea when we dropped him off at our veterinarian that we would be asked whether we wanted to sign a DNR eight hours later.

Fortunately, we did not have to make any difficult decisions. We knew he was insured, so finances never became a consideration. We were able to say, “do what you need to,” and mean it.

After months of rehab, Shadow recovered and became a testament to resilience. He shares his love with everyone and volunteers with Therapy Tails Ontario. Shadow is one of the sweetest dogs a person may meet, and I believe he is with us now as a result of the support provided to us, not only by our veterinarian but also by Trupanion.

I am very impressed with the continued support and diverse coverage offered by Trupanion as it goes beyond emergency procedures. They cover supplements to help keep him healthy and happy and support the care he gets at Grimsby Animal Hospital. They also make submitting claims simple, allowing pre-approvals to help reduce out of pocket expenses.

I genuinely believe that Trupanion cares about the welfare of my pets and wholeheartedly recommend them to my friends and family when I hear they are getting new furry additions.

Karen D.



Smithville, Ontario
Enrolled: July 2008
Condition: Luxating Patella and Complications from Anesthesia
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $14,173.23


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