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Top Ten Pet-Friendly Family Activities on 4th of July

 Check out our top ten pet-friendly family activities on the 4th of July.

Pets are family. We want to enjoy and spend our time outdoors with our pets by our sides. As we take the time to get outside and soak up the sun, here are some unique and fun family activities to partake in throughout this summer. Let the lawn games begin!

Pet-Friendly and family outdoor activities to enjoy with your pet

1. Tug of War 

Tug of War is like a giant pull rope for your pup! Split up the friends and family on either side of the rope and maybe your pup can be the referee. Chances are they might want to join in on the fun!

2. Frisbee Golf

What pet doesn’t love a Frisbee? Frisbee golf has quite a following and is a popular summertime leisure sport. Start tallying the scores and you’ll see your furry companion is in the lead for first place!

3. Freeze Tag

What a simple way to get out, get moving and get stretching with your pup. Your little one might be a tad confused when you freeze the game… which might be a great opportunity to pause for some puppy kisses.

4. Capture the Flag

Get your running shoes on and capture that flag! Your pet will love stretching their legs and help your team win. They would be proud to retrieve and carry that flag once it’s found. In fact, they might not want to give it back!

5. Lawn Twister

It’s just like regular Twister, just on the lawn, with your pup! I’m sure they will love to bend, twist, and stretch. Twister can be substituted for yoga, right?

6. Corn Hole

The classic toss the bean bag game got a re-vamp in Corn Hole. The trendy corn hole can be seen popping up in pubs, hotels, and workplaces. Why not give it a whirl at your 4th of July festivities? Don’t be surprised if your furry mate is waiting in line to assist in retrieving those bean bags from the board.

7. Pool Noodle Ring Toss

This updated ring toss is a welcomed pool game with your furry pet. Grab your goggles, brush up on your doggy paddle, and play a game of pool noodle ring toss. If the pool isn’t an option, play ring toss with two (or four) legs on the lawn.

8. Flag Football

Who says it has be football season to enjoy flag football? Your pet will love the running, jumping, the use of flags and an opportunity to snag the ball. After all, the winner gets a biscuit, right?

9. Potato Sack Race

Ready, Set, Race! It will be fun to see who reaches that finish line. Our bet is on the four-pawed wonder!

10. Obstacle Course 

The sky is the limit in what you could include in your obstacle course! Ball Toss, Three Legged Race, Hard-Boiled Egg on a spoon … As long as the family is fun and safe it sounds like a great obstacle course.


Pet-friendly and family activities on the 4th of July 

We have successfully completed the top ten pet-friendly family activities on the 4th of July!  Your Pets will be happy to be included in the festivities and it can become a special tradition for the future years to come! As with any physical activity always make sure to take into consideration your pet’s age, weight, and exercise regime and consult with your veterinarian. Let us know in the comments which family-friendly activities you enjoy!


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