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5 Tips to Create an Awesome Party for Your Pup

Dog in party hat having a blast!

We love to celebrate our furry best friend every day. What a better way to honor your pup then throw them a dog party?

Let’s be honest, our canines are part of the family, and we love to find new and creative ways to spend time with them. A party is a great opportunity to celebrate a birthday, an adoption date, graduation, or just because your pup is amazing.

So here are five ways to organize an incredible party with your pooch as the guest of honor!

Five ways to plan an amazing party for your pup

Bark up a theme

Every party needs a theme. Does your pup love the water? How about hiking the trails?  Is your dog more of a stay-at-home kind of hound? Cater the theme of the party to your pup’s favorite activity. They will enjoy spending the day with their favorite people, doing their favorite things.

Cater to paws

Just remember you are planning a party for paws. We typically plan parties for humans (kids especially), but pups have different needs, so make sure your event is pet-friendly. Don’t forget to schedule dog walks, bathroom breaks, and provide ample water bowls for all the furry friends.

Dog Celebrating at Party

Book the location

Once you decide on the theme you can then book the location. Would you like to stay at a campsite, book a hotel, or reserve a private playroom at a daycare facility? Similarly, many facilities offer pet-friendly spaces and Bring Fido is a great resource for making pet-friendly reservations. Also, planning a party at the local dog park is a great option! The facility is dog-friendly, can accommodate multiple pups and is typically free- so a dog park is an option for any budget.

Invite the pack

Here’s the fun part! Put together some fun invitations and invite all of your pup’s friends. Also, simple reminders to include on the pet invitation would be if their pet has any allergies, preference to being around additional animals (including cats) and advanced notice if children will be present.

Create the doggy-bag

Everyone wants a nifty swag bag when attending a pawty! It’s always nice to send guests home with something to commemorate the party and all the wonderful memories made. Some fun ways to thank your guests include a chew toy, collar, leash, or a photo to commemorate the event.

Party for your pup: celebrate your furry friend 

Dog Party

A party for your pup is a great way to celebrate your pet. As long as you book the location, pick a theme, invite the pack and spend some quality time with your pup they are sure to have a wonderful time with their family and friends. Don’t forget to snap some awesome selfies of your pack!


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