Six Match-Making Tips to Find the Perfect Shelter Pet
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Six Match-Making Tips to Find the Perfect Shelter Pet

Read on to learn how to find the perfect shelter pet.

Have you searched high and low for your furry companion and have yet to find them? Finding the perfect shelter pet for your family is a bit like match-making. The adoption process may require more of an extensive process than just seeing a photo. When choosing your forever friend you want to make sure they have all the matching criteria for your lifestyle. Read on to learn some match-making tips in regards to finding your perfect shelter pet.

The match-making process to find the perfect shelter pet

1. Why do you want to adopt?

“I find myself asking future adoptees why they want to adopt”, states Katherine Britton, a team member of the Trupanion Breeder and Shelter team. For example, why is the most important question you could ask yourself during the pet adoption process. The adorable puppy you love will eventually grow into an adult dog followed by a senior dog. This companion is a lifetime commitment.

2. Lifestyle

Lifestyle is an important step to consider which pet you choose. Are you a home-body? Do you work long hours? Do you travel often? For example, “you have to evaluate how much time you spend at work, at home, and also the way you spend your time”, states Britton. Your pet is now an active component of those categories. For an additional resource on your lifestyle and pets, read this match your dog breed to lifestyle guide.

3. Living environment

Your living environment is important to your pet’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Will the new addition have ample space to play and relax? Will they have a space of their own to decompress? Your furry friend needs to be able to adapt and feel comfortable in their new space. They need to have the freedom to run and play.

For example, “a small studio apartment in a major metropolitan city vs. a house with a large yard will give you many different options to consider when choosing a breed or species”, according to Britton.

4. Energy level 

The energy level goes hand-in-hand with the living environment. The initial energy level is important in choosing your new addition. You want to make sure the pet’s energy level is compatible with your energy level and living environment. For example, “although the six-month-old Labrador Retriever is an amazing companion, it might not be the best pet for everyone. A puppy can be quite active”, points out Britton. Consider if your new pet’s energy level matches what you may be looking for in a furry family member.

5. Personality

Each pet has a distinct personality. Take personality into consideration when choosing your new best friend. “Could you hang out with this pet every day? Because you will be”, laughs Britton. Pet’s personalities morph over time and often can mimic the owner’s own personalities. Also, take into consideration all family member’s personalities, including other pets.

6. One of the pack

One of the most important considerations is the additional family members. “If there are multiple people in the family, including kids and animals, everyone should meet the new addition”, says Britton. “It is imperative that all members of the family get along. The most common reason a pet is returned to a shelter is due to not getting along with another animal or a child.” This pet is a member of the family. Being one of the pack is essential.

Discover more about what you should consider to find the perfect shelter pet.

Finding the perfect shelter pet: happiness for everyone 

The art of finding the perfect shelter pet is a bit of a science. It’s a match-making process in the fact that all these different categories have to align perfectly fit for your situation. Britton weighs in on pet adoption further.

“Each person is different and every pet is unique. The most important thing to consider is to have an open mind, what you think you want in a pet, and what you come home with might be completely different and that’s okay.”

The pet adoption process is a magical match-making process. It brings everyone together and creates families. Thank you to all those animal shelters out there helping families unite. One adoption at a time.

How did you meet and find your forever friend? 

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