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Blue: More than Just the Little Things

I fell in love with Blue when I saw his face online, just days after my husband passed away. After weeks of wonderful care from Tracy Rivers of Rescue Dogs Rock, I adopted Blue exactly one month from the date I’d lost my husband.

I took Blue to my veterinarian for a checkup to find that he was in perfect health! While there, I was offered the opportunity to enroll with a Trupanion policy. I was thrilled because I sell health insurance to humans and I know just how important it is to have insurance for those unexpected, high-cost expenses. No one should be without it.

I had to go away for a few days and had someone stay with Blue. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that he would be anxious about me leaving. When I returned, he did not look well and we realized he had eaten a plastic bag. We later found out that it was not one bag but several. Thankfully, the wonderful doctors at Hodes Veterinary Group took quick action, performed surgery, removed the bags and literally saved Blue’s life.

The veterinarian sent a video of the surgery to Trupanion. I submitted my claim and within one day the claim was processed! Blue is doing well, but there are no more plastic bags within reach and Trupanion was there to help pay for an unexpected expense that could have been devastating.

I highly recommend anyone with a pet purchase a Trupanion policy. You can always handle the little things, it’s the unexpected that can really hurt you. Thank you Trupanion!

Susan W.



Randolph, New Jersey
Enrolled: January 2016
Condition: Ate plastic bags
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $3,429.17

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