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Brenda the Cat Gets a Second Chance

“Shortly after picking up Brenda from the local animal shelter, I signed up with Trupanion. My previous cat had extremely high medical bills and no insurance, so signing up for pet medical insurance seemed like a sensible thing to do. Brenda settled down very happily in her new environment. A few months later, I took Brenda to the veterinarian for routine teeth cleaning. While under anesthesia, she developed trouble breathing and was immediately given oxygen. She was later examined by a cardiologist whose diagnosis was that Brenda was suffering from congestive heart failure.

Since then, I’ve been regularly checking and recording Brenda’s resting respiratory rate and giving her medication as prescribed. A high respiratory rate indicates the presence of fluid in her lungs, which is caused by her condition. I’ve had to rush her to the emergency veterinarian a number of times. Each time, Brenda was placed in an oxygen tent for long periods and had multiple x-rays taken to determine the amount of fluid in her lungs. Having Trupanion coverage has allowed Brenda to have the treatments she requires. It also eliminates some of the stress of having a sick pet and allows me to concentrate on her recovery. She is currently taking five different medicines and leads a normal, happy, pampered life.

I am very impressed with the service at Trupanion. Claims are dealt with very quickly and there is never any fuss. In addition, the premiums are very reasonable. I am extremely glad I signed up Brenda for coverage from Trupanion.”

Justin P.



San Francisco, California
Enrolled: August 2013
Condition: Congestive heart failure
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $13,056.95

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