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The Smart Way to Care for Jett

I often get asked about pet health insurance. Who to go with, whether or not to have it, etc. I wanted to share with you my experience with Trupanion.

I added up my German Shepherd’s veterinary bills for 2017. He is two years old with skin issues and allergies. His total for the year was $7,652.32. However, once again Trupanion saved our butt! We only paid $1,638 of that – Trupanion covered $6,000 of his care! There is no way that putting money aside monthly EVER would have been enough to get him the care he needed this year.

I cannot recommend Trupanion enough!

Shannon G.





Victoria, British Columbia
Enrolled: August 2015
Condition: Allergies
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $5,955.89

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