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There’s no stopping Stella

Stella came to us at 8 weeks old. She and six other puppies were born in the back of a car en route to a dog rescue. We fell in love with her the minute we found her online and adopted her from SCT Retrievers Pet Rescue. She was full of energy. Since her mother was living on the streets and only four of the pups survived, we immediately looked into medical insurance to give Stella the best chances for whatever might come. We picked Trupanion.

A few months later, as we were training sit and stay, we felt a small pop in the right hip. As a precaution and since we had already dealt with mange and an allergic bee sting, we took her to see her favorite veterinarians at Veterinary Medical Center. Dr. Lee helped us diagnose hip dysplasia in both hips. Dr. Stan Kunin explained TPO options due to her young age and helped us find the right surgeon for the task. Trupanion has treated us with nothing but care, respect, and incredible fast turnarounds. Stella was preapproved for both hips. Luckily, she only required one surgery.

We still have Stella on a preventative medication to keep her immune system on track. She will most likely need a left hip replacement at some stage. It is comforting to know Trupanion will be there for her when the time comes.
She is a vibrant and happy girl. According to Dr. Kunin, she won’t be a marathon runner or high jumper.

However, she loves to fly in our plane, walk a few miles a day and provide gentle kindness to all who meet her. We are forever grateful to Trupanion and your continued support. We only wish our human family could enroll.

Stella’s Family




Woodland Hills, California
Enrolled: September 2010
Condition: Bilateral Hip Dysplasia, Allergic Reaction, Proctitis, Pneumonia and Hair Thinning
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $8,844.95

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