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Timely Treatment for Saki and Portia

I am a Trupanion fan! Six years ago when I adopted my new puppy, Portia, I also had a nine-year-old dog, Saki. I insured both dogs with Trupanion and I am so happy I did.

Saki was healthy her whole life until a couple of years ago, she was not feeling well. I took her to the veterinarian and a few days later, we went to VCA West Coast. After several tests, they discovered she had ingested bark from firewood we had delivered recently. Off to surgery, she went and she spent a week in the hospital recovering. Then, last year she woke up and was unable to walk. Back to VCA we went and after several tests and another week in the hospital, they were able to diagnose and treat her. She still has a brain tumor that we are facing but overall Saki is looking young and spry.

Portia, now 6, recently had months of breathing problems and GI issues. We live in California and were having terrible fires. Her breathing was so bad I took her to VCA and they placed her in an incubator overnight. Portia had several tests done and is still undergoing treatment.

Time and again, Trupanion has been a savior for us. They worked directly with VCA West Coast to pay the hospital directly. This allowed me the financial freedom to make the decisions I wanted to make for my dogs without having to worry about the financial strain. I never want to make decisions for my dogs’ health because of the bill. They are precious to me and thanks to Trupanion I know they will live long, healthy lives. Trupanion has always been extremely helpful, kind and very timely. I highly recommend Trupanion to all people with pets!

Paula A.



Saki & Portia

Huntington Beach, California
Enrolled: September 2012
Condition: Multiple ailments
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $9,886.68

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