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Top Ten Pet Apps You Need Right Now for Your Pet

Learn more about the top ten pet apps your need for your furry friend.

We all want the very best for our pets. This includes having the most recent tech, trends, and toys for our best friend. Nowadays, there is an app for everything and everyone, including your favorite mate.  Check out our top ten pet app picks for your furry companion.

Top ten pet apps you must have for your furry companion


BringFido app:

Want to plan your next vacation? Bring Fido is the way to go! Bring Fido provides pet-friendly hotels, lodging, restaurants, and other experiences. The Bring Fido app is available for Android and IOS and is free to download. Certainly, BringFido is a versatile app that has over 200,000 listings for you and your pet to enjoy!


Dogo app:

The Dogo app is a fun training app where you can incorporate training exercises with clicker training. Also, there is an option to upgrade to premium status and to track multiple pets’ training regimens. Most noteworthy, the app is free to download and is available on iOS and Android.

Wag! app: 

The Wag App is a dog-walking app that supports busy pet owners with dog walks, dog sitting, and overnight boarding all at the tap of a finger. This highly personalized app gives you the ability to book same day walks and request a specific walker.  Even more appealing is the first walk is free and so is the app. Available for Android and iOS.

First aid 

American Red Cross pet first aid app:

The American Red Cross Pet First Aid app is a great resource if your pet needs pet first aid or pet care. Also, the app features a directory of conditions and the ability to load your personal veterinary information into the app. Above all -please seek veterinary care as soon as possible if needed for your pet.


BarkHappy app:

The Barkhappy app is available to download for free via android and I-phone. This app showcases dog-friendly parks, restaurants, shops, meet-up playgroups, and has a lost dog alert option.

Dog Park Finder Plus (DogGoes) app:

The Dog Park Finder Plus app is able to find local dog parks and pet-friendly dining establishments in your area. Also, you can browse locations by the state while on vacation with your pets.


My Talking Pet app:

My Talking Pet App is such a fun app. You can upload your own pet pictures and record a voice-over narrative over their photo. Another fun feature is the ability to customize the pitch and tone of your pet’s voice and share via social media channels.

Pet Cube app:

Would you like the ability to interact and talk to your pet while you’re not at home? You can interact with your pet via the Petcube and compatible Android /IOS app. In addition, Petcube offers two-way audio, HD vision, night vision, and motion detection. While you record and stream video of your pet it can upload to the cloud.

BarkBox app:

BarkBox is a monthly subscription service that is for your pup. The box is complete with versatile toys and tasty treats, and they have an app that you can download for your iOS or Android. Seems like the app is too good to be true – cute gifs of adorable pets and the ability to buy an endless amount of inventive and unique toys and treats for your canine.

Give back 

BarkBuddy app:

The Barkbuddy app is a pet adoption app (tinder style) that lets you swipe left (or right) on your future forever friend. Straight from the creators of Bark (Bark Box), you can choose your next best friend by swiping and set up a meet and greet. The app is free to download for iOS and Android.

Consider adding one of these top ten pet apps to your device.

Top ten pet apps: fun for all furry family members 

These top ten pet apps are some wonderful options for travel, fitness, fun, play, pet care, and giving back. So take the opportunity to get out, have fun, enjoy your day with your best friend!

What are some of your favorite pet apps to interact with your furry friend? 


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