Schools in Session: Top 10 Back-To-School Tips for your Pet
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Schools in Session: Top 10 Back-To-School Tips for your Pet

back to school pet tips: quality bonding time and making new friends. Pups enjoying some reading at school.

As summer comes to a close, we look towards going back to a normal routine and schedule. So, let’s celebrate Back-to-School. And don’t forget our furry companions, we’ve got ten tips to get them “School-ready” too!

Top 10 Back-To-School essentials for your furry friend

1. Back-To-School Supplies

When you go back-to-school you need supplies. Well so does your pet! Ruffwear has a versatile selection of collars, leashes, harnesses, and apparel so your pet will be ready for that first day. Also, Ruffwear has gear for the active pet in mind – including travel bowls, backpacks, and safety gear.

2. Socialization

Who is new to class? Let’s find out! While you’re getting the mate ready for class, check out the dog park, for a chance to socialize your furry friend. The interaction is a great way to prepare them for meeting pets of all shapes and sizes. Also, the DogGoes App and Barkhappy app are great for finding furry friends and pet-friendly parks in your area.

3. Divide attention

There is a lot of change associated with moving family schedules and adding new routines. Spend some one-on-one quality time with your furry friend to ease them into new schedules. Likewise, pets need time to adjust to an early morning alarm clock just like we do!

4. Pamper

It’s a new school year! So, it’s time for your pet to rock a new look. Gone are the days of the old clippers for your pet’s new hairdo. In contrast, pet stylists are as creative as human hair stylists. Similarly, your pet can relax while receiving a full cut, style, brush and blow-out along with deluxe ear clean and teeth brushing.

5. Paw-proof

If your pup is going to be active in class, it’s important to make sure their paws are protected. Get them class ready with a fresh pawdicure and some styling footwear. Pet footwear can protect from cold surfaces, rough terrain, and hot asphalt.

6. Fitness regime

Get outdoors and explore with your pup! The physical activity is a great health benefit for both of you and it will get your furry friend re-acclimated to an active lifestyle.

7. Schedule the day

Establish routines with your pet and start introducing any changes related to starting back-to-school early. If the pet is going to be taking a car ride to get to class, start introducing the pet to car-rides prior to the first day. It will ease the stress level of the pet and the rest family.

Back to school pet tips: seek out new ways to learn. Boe in Agility Class

8. Classes

Which class do you choose? There are a wide variety of versatile classes that your furry mate can take. While your pup is young try out puppy classes or throw a bone at the obedience classes.  Also, there are agility, enrichment, tricks, and even professional life skills classes. Did you know your pup can take scent work, film class, urban herding, or cross-training? There is a class for that! In contrast, if you need additional training resources Barkbuster is available to you as well for home use.

9. Organization

Where did you put Fido’s new leash? Are the dog shoes in the car or by the door? A helpful way to organize all your pup’s school belongings is to put all things ‘pup school’ in an organizer by the door. Because you’ll know where everything is when you’re headed off to school’.

10. First Day Photo

One of the best parts of starting school is the first-day photo! Commemorate your pup’s first day of school with a photo. Similarly, it’s a great way to show how much they’ve grown with the graduation of each class.

back to school pet tip! take a picture. Wesley James on School Graduation Day

Going back-to-school can be an exciting time for your pup’s development. Staying on schedule, incorporating new routines, bonding with exercise and play, and having the right supplies will result in a fun time for your pet. Thank you to Trupanion’s own Sparrow, Westley James, and Boe for sharing your school moments. Share your pup’s back-to-school photos in the comment’s below!

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