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The Wonderful World of Cats

Check out the wonderful world of cats!

Imagine a world where Cats rule? It’s not entirely impossible.

In honor of the cats and kittens around the world, we want to take the time to celebrate the frisky furry family member  and dive into the wonderful world of cats.

The Wonderful World of Cats

The wonderful world of cats allows you to discover the perfect breed just for your family.

Cats Rule … Literally

Cats have been around the world for a long time. There has been a debate on the exact time frame but is estimated around 9,500 years.

According to the Science magazine, “A genetic analysis of more than 200 ancient cats suggests, that even if the animals we’re domesticated outside Egypt, it was the Egyptians who turned them into the loveable furballs we know today. It’s even possible they domesticated cats a second time.” So thank you to the Egyptians for domesticated these tame kittens to be our life-long (some-what) domesticated friends. As we all know, cats do what they want.

World of cats: how many cats are out there?

Many of us have cats, but which breed do we have? Probably most people will say domestic shorthair, but did you know there are actually 44 breeds? According to the, “The CFA (Cat Fancier’s Association) recognizes 42 breeds and an additional 2 miscellaneous breeds” bringing the grand total to 44 breeds. Seems like everything from the Domestic Shorthair to the Main Coon breed are taking over houses across the world. Let’s jump into some of the specific breeds to see which breed is a good addition for your home!

Perfect playmates

There are several kitties that stand out from the crowd when it comes to activity level. If you lead an active lifestyle and you want a cat to match, these furry friends are the perfect addition to your pack.


Most likely to put on a show! The Abyssinian is high energy, active, and super-friendly. Also, this cat is most likely to be the life to the party. This breed is friendly towards strangers, loves engaging, and jumping in high places. Sounds like it’s time to put in that tall-high rise cat condo for your friend.


This playful furry friend loves to play. So much, in fact, you might need to schedule play-time with your cat on a daily basis. Also, the Bombay breed loves games, hanging out with their family, and seems to constantly be on the move.


These chatty catties have a lot to say! Seems like these beautiful beauties are very vocal when interacting with owners and strangers. Also, Burmese will be highly interactive with the entire family and will want to be involved in activities.


This kitten may have some tricks up its sleeve! The Tonkinese has an incredible kitten-like personality throughout its life and enjoys venturing to new destinations and adventures. Consider kitten-proofing your home though, this breed may be fearless.


The Siamese is the first to greet you at the door when you come home. They would prefer to be with you all the time through all activities. They make a great best friend. Also, the Siamese is athletic, limber, and very playful.

Main Coon:

These loving lap cats will be the perfect addition to any home. Also, the main coon is highly intelligent, can learn detailed tricks, and love to play fetch.

World of cats: great feline friend companions 

Take the time to hang out with your furry family member today. If you don’t yet have a cat of your own, consider fostering a cat or adopting from a local shelter. Cats are loving animals that make great companions.  Whether you have a kitten or a senior, cats are wonderful friends when it comes to playing, fun, rest and relaxation. Around the world, we rejoice with all the fun and festive energy that cats can bring into the home!

What do you love about cats? 

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