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10 Fall Fashion Trends that Your Furry Companion will Love

furry friend sporting new fall fashion trends.

The fall season is just around the corner, which means the extravaganza of various fashion weeks around the globe are in full swing. Don’t miss out on all of the glitz and glam – take this opportunity to revamp your furry companion’s wardrobe with the hottest fall fashion trends. Whether your pet is playing at the dog park or jet-setting along with you on holiday, these top 10 fall fashion trends will undoubtedly go a long way in making your furry companion stand out in a crowd.

10 Fall Fashion Must-Have Styles for your Pet

plaid is the pup's favorite fall fashion accessory.


Plaid is a great fall fashion that can be layered, or worn on its own as a standalone piece.  Also, you could find plaid collars, leashes, and additional home goods for your best mate.


Houndstooth isn’t just for the hounds! Any pet can rock this classic seasonal piece. Feeling fancy? Houndstooth will elevate your pet’s fall style to the next level at the family party or work office meeting.

pup wearing hoodie for fall.


Outerwear is a must-have for fall! Not only is outerwear fashionable, but more importantly your pet’s safety is a number one concern. Outerwear has the ability to protect from the natural elements and prevent any illness that could occur due to inclement weather. Likewise, pet retailers have a versatile selection of jackets that provide insulation, reflection, high visibility, and breathability.


Having your pet wear multiple layers is a great way to provide comfort and care when you are outdoors. Often smaller pets get cold easily, so providing different styles of clothing could provide additional warmth in this brisk fall season.


Do you find your pup or kitten curled up in their favorite patchwork quilt? Patchwork/Quilt style is the go-to fall fashion must have. So, how cute would it be to have your furry friend wearing a sweater made of patchwork quilting? Quilt style is the best way to comfortably rock fall.

pup wearing fall fashion flower hat.


Floral is all the rage and is inspired by the beauty and allure of gardens. Flower patterns are a great way to spruce up a basic fall wardrobe. Also, think of all the creative picture opportunities that could be had with your pet wearing a floral design out adventuring in nature.

cat wearing fall turtleneck sweater.


Don’t forget about the 80’s! The 80’s fashion craze is back and bigger than ever. So have fun with turtlenecks, sweaters, big shoulders, and bold print on your pet. If your pup is wearing a bright neon backpack on the hiking trail, you’ll have no trouble spotting him at all times!


The futuristic sci-fi silver is a hit on the runway. Put a little spring into your pup’s step with a silver leash for their next walk.


chic dog mixing white and prints during this fall season.

Chic White

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Your furry friend can enjoy the festive leaf season in a white jacket, sweater or backpack. Your pup will look incredibly chic (and ‘gram ready) on the first day of fall.

“Animal” Print

Animal print is going to the paws! Choose this classic print for a festive way to dress up your tail-wagging friend. Take your pet’s fall fashion style to the next level by mixing print with chic white or silver. Your furry best friend will be the hit at the next howl-iday party.


cat wearing jacket during fall.

Whether you are attending the dog park, office function, or a fall road trip, your pet has the opportunity to amp up their fall fashion with these upcoming trends. Try sprucing up their wardrobe (and yours) and hit the town in style. Endless fashion photo ops aside, it’s a great way to have fun and bond with your pet.

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