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Five Safety Hacks for Camping with Dogs

camping safety with pup

It’s a great opportunity to hit the trails with your furry friend in tow. Camping adventures can spark an unforeseen amount of unknown circumstances, especially with a pet. Read on to learn our five safety hacks for camping with dogs to be extra prepared on the campgrounds, hiking trails, and beyond.

Five essential safety hacks for camping with dogs

Discover these five essential safety hacks for camping with dogs.

1) Long-line leash 

Keeping your pup on a leash is always a great safety guideline while at the campsite or on the hiking trails. A long-line leash is extremely durable and can be helpful when setting up your tent to keep your pet in a safe regulated area. Also, as a safety precaution, bring additional leashes with you in case your dog’s leash was to break or snap on the trail.

2) Versatile clothing

With warmer temperatures during the day and cooler temperatures in the evening, the mountains can be known for having temperamental weather conditions. If you need to layer, there is a good chance your best mate is needing additional warmth as well, so pack a versatile selection of clothing for your pup. For example, a fleece sweater, waterproof jacket, trail shoes, and socks provide a good mix of clothing for all weather conditions. Also, reflective material is helpful when the sun starts to set.

3) First aid kit 

While camping or walking the trails, a safety necessity is a first-aid kit. A basic first aid kit should include everything from bandages to flashlight, and that’s just for you. Consider an additional camping safety hack and make a pet first-aid kit specifically for your furry friend. You will need a pet first aid kit for a variety of potential injuries. “Some items you’ll want to include in your kit are tick remover, chlorhexidine scrub, antiseptic wipe, gauze, bandages, Benadryl, gloves, hydrogen peroxide, paw pad protectant, and saline rinse,” recommends Trupanion veterinary technician Aubrey Halvorsen. Likewise, the amount you bring in your kit should be dependent upon how long your camping trip is.

4) Comfortable bedding

It might seem obvious, but providing comfortable bedding in the tent is a necessary camping safety hack for your furry companion. The bedding provides warmth and comfort from the elements and the pup is not lying on the ground. By providing the pup’s own safe and comfortable space it gives you both the chance to stretch out and get a well-rested full night’s sleep.

5) Towels and comfort mat 

When your puppy is playing, sitting, or relaxing outside on the campsite, bring an extra set of towels and a comfort mat that are separate from the tent bed. It gives them a chance to cool off, relax, and be comfortable without the risk of them laying directly on the ground.

By having a separate comfort mat outside, your dog will not track a lot of additional dirt inside your tent. Similarly, bringing extra towels can be helpful if your dog goes for a swim, needs layers for warmth, or can be used in an emergency situation.

Camping with dogs is a wonderful way to bond and explore with your pet.

Five safety hacks for camping with dogs: tools for the entire family 

Going camping with your dogs is a wonderful time to bond, explore, and share new adventures. These five safety hacks for camping with dogs can be useful in most circumstances, and help keep the focus of fun on you and your pup. So on your next great camping adventure, enjoy your time, and prepare for safety!

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