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Alternative Therapies Aid Herding Champion Aussie

A year ago, our two-time herding champion Australian Shepherd, Halle was on an evening walk with my husband, when she heard something. Running to investigate, she jumped through a broken window with shards of glass still attached, that had been left outside by a neighbor

Bleeding profusely, we tied a towel around her leg and rushed her to the emergency clinic where they sutured her wounds and released her the next day. A week later, at our long-time clinic, Codornices Veterinary Clinic, we noticed her foot was sitting flat on the table. The emergency team had missed her severed tendon. Within hours we had Halle at the VCA San Francisco Veterinary Specialists, with Dr. Margo Mehl, who reattached the sliced tendon.

For the next ten weeks, we went back and forth for follow-up appointments. After that initial period, we began the physical therapy at Animal Wellness Center of Marin under the care of rehabilitation practitioner, Kristen Hagler. We also worked with chiropractor Dr. Margaret Holiday, who kept Halle’s body in alignment.

Luckily, we had supplemented our policy to cover physical therapy including the underwater treadmill, shockwave treatments, acupuncture, and sonograms. Dr. Carrie Schlachter at Circle Oak
Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center was enlisted to perform the sonograms and
administer platelet-enriched plasma injections. Finally, Halle has also received wonderful care, including acupuncture and homeopathy from Dr. Anne Reed of All Pawz Holistic Veterinary Clinic.

No matter what was needed, Trupanion has been there. We have truly been able to give Halle the best care possible, without having to worry about the costs. Not one bill was questioned, and we received reimbursement checks within a week to ten days.

We have felt completely free to do whatever has been necessary to help our dog get better.

Michaele T. and Ed H.




Berkeley, California
Enrolled: March 2011
Condition: Tendon Laceration
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $22,207.31

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