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Covering Her Best Friend

After having had other pets without insurance, I told myself I would never own another pet again unless I had my precious best friend covered. Shortly after welcoming Kona into my life, I researched insurance companies and Trupanion was the best option.

Unfortunately, Kona developed serious allergies at an early age— but having the enormous peace of mind of being covered by Trupanion has made everything much easier. After a year or so with chronic allergies, Kona was referred to a specialist for his skin condition. Even after several years of receiving treatment at the Animal Dermatology Clinic, I was assured that Kona would never run out of coverage and guess what? He hasn’t! Trupanion keeps paying. Processing claims is a breeze.

Trupanion has been an excellent company. Insurance is for unforeseen circumstances and I highly recommend it.

Kona is family to me and to be able to provide him with the medical care he needs is very important to me as it should be to any pet owner.

Thanks Trupanion for being there for us when we need it!

Giovanna G.




Newport Beach, California
Enrolled: January 2010
Condition: Allergies
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $14,381.18

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