DIY: Five Tips to Create Your Own Dog Walker Care Package
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DIY: Five Tips to Create Your Own Dog Walker Care Package

Dog Walker receiving care package from pup!

We value our pets as family. That is why pet care providers, especially dog walkers have become a staple in modern life. Rain or shine, every day, they walk our dogs with love and commitment. So what a better way to show your dog-walker gratitude than to provide them with a hand-made care package!  Here are some tips in regards to creating your own DIY dog walker care package for your pet’s best walking mate.

DIY: Dog walker care package for your pet’s best friend


Do a little digging to find out your dog walker’s favorites and daily necessities. Also, give yourself ample time to find all the presents you need for the care package. Similarly, the thought of taking the extra time will really show how much you appreciate their hard work. You will want to find a variety of items that really fit their needs. Consider all seasons, your environment, and some of your dog walker’s favorites.


Dog walkers are on their feet all day, every day! So pampering can go a long way with comfort items such as –cozy socks, band-aids, or cooling gel insoles. This pampered treat will give them a little pep in their step. Also, another great item to include would be hand warmers, hats, and gloves for the cooler seasons.


Keep the goodies fun, eclectic, and more importantly diverse! Not all of the presents have to be work-related, but something personal that they enjoy when they’re not dog-walking. Maybe a gift card for one of their favorite restaurants or fun sunglasses that they can wear on & off the dog-walking trail. Certainly, catering the care package to a certain season might be beneficial if your dog walker primarily walks in the winter season vs summer season. Additionally, some other “occupational” items may include a flashlight, water bottle, mask, and more doggy bags!


Add your own personal touch is the most memorable part of the gift! Maybe add a picture of your puppy with a handmade frame, a DIY paw print, or a handwritten note from you (and your pup) would be a great addition. Also, you could add hand-crafted pieces such as – #1 friend, World’s Best Dog-Walker, or Will Walk for Dog Hugs. The personal touch is really what will stand out for your furry friend’s best walking buddy.


Have fun with the presentation of your present. Go all out with a fun dog-themed bag, a doggy bag, or strategically place items in a dog bowl. Maybe even having your pup present the gift to their favorite friend would be a lovely added touch. And don’t forget to grab a selfie to commemorate the moment!

A DIY dog walker care package may make their day

Designing and creating a care package for your beloved dog walker is a fun way to say thank you and show your appreciation for everything they do for you and your pup.

Your dog walkers provide love and care to your puppy every day. Their daily interaction provides emotional, physical, and mental stimulation, socialization, and bonding activities.

Thank you to all the dog walkers out there for every dog that you walk, every bag that you scoop, and every memorable moment you create.

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