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Emmy’s 2018: ‘Game of Thrones’ favored among pet parents

Cat excited to watch Emmy Awards with Owner.

It’s time for the 70th Annual 2018 Emmy Awards! In a world of robots, royal families and strange monsters, there is no doubt we love binge-watching our favorite shows with our furry companions. It appears TV shows not only entertain us but also possibly influence the names we choose for our pets.

Emmy Predictions: Who will take home the best in show?

Pets are Family

According to Trupanion’s TruPoll survey, pet owners consider their pets as part of their family – often referring to them as their best friend or fur baby. Likewise, results from TruPoll indicated 24% of pet parents have canceled social plans 1-3 times a month to spend more time with their pets. Clearly, this time is spent binge-watching favorite TV shows together.

Emmy Nominations 2018

The HBO drama Game of Thrones leads the pack with 22 Emmy nominations. Additionally, Saturday Night Live and the western robotic world of Westworld have 21 nominations each.

Best Drama Series

The nominees for Best Drama Series are The Handmaid’s Tale, Game of Thrones, This is Us, The Crown, The Americans, Stranger Things, and Westworld. We were curious to see if these memorable characters that embody these shows had a specific influence on the name of our pets.

Trupanion Data Reveals

Trupanion pulled all the names of the cats and dogs that we have historically insured, and the data reveals some very interesting information. Here are the leaders of the pack:

Kittens ready to watch the Emmy's.

‘This Is Us’

The ensemble-driven This Is Us is an audience favorite, clearly influencing some pet parents. Kate and Toby collectively took the cake with 4,794 pet names. Also, brotherly competition heated up off-screen between Kevin (403) and Randall (37). Other surprise names referenced in the show include Steelers and Crockpot. Grab your tissues, the show returns on Sept. 25th.


pup and kitten look forward to watching Emmy's.

‘Stranger Things’

Netflix’s sci-fi meets fantasy drama, Stranger Things, has us upside-down with the pet name results. Max stands out with 9,473 pet names, followed by the pack with Eleven (40), Dustin (64), Lucas (575), and Will (112), and throwing a single dog bone to the dog named Jim Hopper.



dog best friends watching Emmy's on couch.

‘Handmaid’s Tail’

Team June or team Nick? In a nod to The Handmaid’s Tale there are 331 pets named June, 215 pets named Nick, and three pets with the name Gilead. Interestingly, 80% of the June / Nick namesake were dogs.


westie ready for Emmy Awards!


Westworld was all about the underdog. The top dog name leading this western robot world was Teddy (4,359), followed by fellow robots Maeve (60), Bernard (135), Dolores (10), and Abernathy(4).

cat anticipates who will best drama at Emmy's.

‘Game of Thrones’

And finally, Game of Thrones clearly has the run of the dog park with over 1,400 pet names inspired by these dysfunctional royal family members. The top six family names are – Arya (509), Ghost (457), Sansa (145), Stark (107), Tyrion (93), and Daenerys (52). Both dogs and cats have GoT inspired namesakes, 75% are dogs and 25 % are cats.






Dog dressed up fancy for Emmy's.

Additionally, according to our database, we have insured more than 400 pets named Emmy over the years.

Clearly, Trupanion pet parents are on trend when naming their furry friends. The Emmy’s air on September 17, this year, and we cannot wait to see which show sweeps the awards, and what new pet names will pop up as a result!

What TV show or character inspires your pet’s namesake?

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