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Flooding: 4 Steps to Ensure Safety for Your Pet

dog protecting by flooding.

Flooding is a natural disaster in it’s own right, or it can follow other disasters, such as hurricanes tropical storms or other big weather events. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding or one of the aforementioned disasters, there are some important steps to take in order to protect your pet:

Natural Disaster Flooding and How to Protect Your Pet


The most important step to take is to have a plan in motion. “If you live in areas that are prone to flooding and hurricanes, it is wise to have an emergency plan in place, just like you would for your family. Pets are family too right?” states on-site Trupanion vet technician and claims specialist Aubrey Halvorsen. Also, knowing which hotels and shelter accommodations are pet-friendly is essential for planning.  Bring Fido has an abundant amount of pet-friendly hotels available on their website.


Having up-to-date identification for each pet is imperative. “I would have [each pet] microchipped and make sure all their information is up to date. What happens with natural disasters, for example like Hurricane Katrina, is that shelters and rescue organizations become overfilled and pets are transported to different cities. We have a lot of Katrina dogs here in Seattle. It is vital in reuniting families with their pets, to have their microchip information up-to-date,” says Aubrey. There is no way to predict if your pet could potentially end up in a different city. But you can prepare for that outcome.

kitten hugged by owner during flooding.

Flood Zone and Safety Devices

An emergency bag is essential in a natural disaster scenario. “Having an emergency bag ready, especially with senior pets or pet that need chronic medication, is also smart. Also, make sure to go through every month or so and make sure meds are not expired. Likewise, having a life jacket in your emergency bag is helpful especially if you are in a flood zone,” says Aubrey. The life jacket could save your pet’s life.

The importance of Hydration

When in an emergency situation, it is easy to forget to drink water. Be sure to stock lots of potable water in your emergency provisions. Staying hydrated is important for humans and pets throughout a natural disaster situation. “I could see pets becoming dehydrated, as the water becomes very dirty quickly with sewage. Also, additional ailments could pop up due to dirty water such as bacterial infection. Hypothermia could set in due to a pet’s being in the wet and cold environment,” states Aubrey.

Pet and Owner avoid flooding during storm.

Preparation is key when assessing flooding in relation to natural disasters and emergency scenarios. If you have the ability to evacuate, a plan should always be in place to get you and your pet to safety. Also, having up-to-date identification, an emergency go bag, and a life jacket could save lives if you are in a flood zone.
















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