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A Rough First Year for a Special Kitten

Gator came from a litter of 8 Teacup Persian Kittens. At a very young age of 6-weeks, she was sold to her new home. By 8-weeks of age, she was very sick and was in dire need of medical attention. She was brought into the Panorama Hills Animal Hospital, where I work. For one reason or another, her owner’s were unable to care for her needs, and they surrendered her to the hospital so she could receive the extensive medical attention she needed. This was the day I met her. I spent every hour nursing her back to health by providing warmth, fluids, and nutrition. Her first weekend of recovery was uncertain. She only weighed 0.28kg at 8-weeks, which is one-third the weight she should have been.

For the next few months, she struggled with a weak immune system. She had repeated ear infections and chronic diarrhea. Next, we noticed she had an extremely high heart rate and an irregular rhythm. We had a cardiac workup, including an ECG, chest radiographs and ultrasound.

After months of medical intervention, she was healthy enough for surgery related to her spay. At the beginning of the procedure, she had an allergic reaction to the medication and her airway swelled. She had to receive emergency drugs and luckily she recovered! We sent her to the Western Veterinary Specialist Centre to see an Internal Specialist and an Upper Airway Specialist.  She had an upper airway scope, CT scan and was spayed at their facility. She spent the night in the ICU under constant supervision.

I am happy to report, Gator is now a healthy, happy and energetic Persian. She just celebrated her 1st birthday in August. We cannot thank Trupanion enough for being with us through a rough year. They literally helped me save her life. I will always have Trupanion for my cats.

Heather M.



Calgary, Alberta
Enrolled: May 2012
Condition: Ear Infections, Diarrhea, Enteritis, Allergic Reaction to Medication
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $4,672.13

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