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Fall Season Adventures with Trupanion Pets

Cute Puppy Enjoying Fall Leaves.

Fall is in the air. We look forward to cooler weather, sweaters, scarfs, and fun festivities with our best mates. So we asked our Trupanion team members and their furry companions to share some of their favorite fall adventures with us. We are excited to feature 5 Trupanion pups and kitties enjoying the crisp weather and all the opportunities the season has to offer!

Five Trupanion Pets that Love Everything about the Fall Season

Sparrow enjoying fall leaves.

Trupanion pup Loving Fall Leaves

The only thing better than beautiful fall foliage – is an adorable Aussie pup waiting for cuddles amongst the fall leaves. Sparrow enjoys spending her free time lounging, jumping, and pretty much burrowing herself completely in freshly fallen leaves. Sparrow will spend countless hours outdoors with her family running outside and enjoying her daily leaf time. We don’t blame you, Sparrow, the leaves are absolutely spectacular!


Cloe catching a ball among orange fall leaves.

Excited for Playtime

Cloe is always excited for playtime. This time of year it is common to find Cloe happily digging with delight in the leaves, searching feverishly for her ball. Cloe the clever often hides multiple balls in one leaf pile and then makes a game of diving in to tackle them all. Similarly, Cloe and her human Alicia travel to many destinations to check out the lush fall foliage around the Pacific Northwest.


Admiral Tanker is ready for Fall football.

Ready for Game Day

Admiral Tanker is ready for game day! Tanker never misses the opportunity to sport Seahawk blue and catch a football game with his favorite friends. Likewise, on Game Day, Admiral Tanker can be found barking up a storm to cheer on his team, tossing the ball, or taking a nap during half-time.


Cooper and Baer are fall adventure buddies.

Explore the Great Outdoors

Cooper and Baer are best friends in and outside of the workplace. The two can be spotted everywhere together, often exploring the Pacific Northwest woodsy outdoor landscape. While a recent trip to Heather Lake in the northern Cascades was an adventure for sure. Next on their list, Joshua Tree in just a few short weeks. We do hope they share more travel photos!


Jasmine can't get enough of fall foliage.

One with Nature

Jasmine is a chameleon by nature and takes pleasure in blending with all her natural green environment. Quite a curious cat, she regularly ventures onto her favorite mate’s balcony to sun herself among the shrubbery. Jasmine loves her spot in the sun so much she has incorporated them into her daily cat nap ritual.






Enjoying all that Fall has to offer.


The transition to autumn creates new opportunities for outdoor for outdoor adventures, exercise, and fun activities to enjoy with our four-legged companions. How do you and your furry friends make the most of the fall season?




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