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How to Create a Cone of Joy (And Enter to Win)

Dog laughing at his Cone of Joy.

An Elizabethan collar, otherwise known as an E-Collar, is a device worn by a cat or dog when recovering from an injury or surgery. Commonly known as the “Cone of Shame” it is, in our opinions, due for an upgrade, because there should be no shame in pet health. In 2017, we launched the annual “Cone of Joy” contest, and we invite you to grab an e-collar design your own cone that inspires, comforts, or creates a good laugh.  So gather all your pet-loving friends, fuel your creativity, and grab some crafty supplies because we’re having a Cone of Joy design party. Here are our 4 easy tips for creating your own Cone of Joy.

 DIY: How to Design a Cone of Joy

Pup feeling festive at his Cone of Joy party.

1) Collect Your Materials

The first step involves collecting the materials. Think about what you are trying to accomplish. Do you have a design in mind, or are you more improvisational? Consider your design when selecting materials for your cone. Use your imagination and pick bold papers or fabrics, patterns, and colors. Also having a versatile selection of writing utensils could come in handy, if you want like to write anything on your cone. However, you adorn your cone, make sure everything is safe and attached securely to the cone. You don’t want your cone of joy to lead to a trip to the vet!

Dog can't get enough of his Cone of Joy.

2) Plan Your Theme

Selecting a design or focusing on a theme gives you the opportunity to have fun with the project. There is no theme to big or too small, so the sky really is the limit.  Perhaps you style your cone off your favorite sports team, TV show, book character or favorite destination. Let your artistic inspiration and pet-loving passion encourage your theme.


pup's Cone of joy is out of this world!

3) Add Creative Decorations

Decorations and theme go hand-in-hand while creating your cone. There are many different types of decorations that can be applied to your cone of joy. So, adding multiple types of decorations can really visually depict the theme you’re trying to convey, which makes it appear as though it is 3-D work of art. Move over Picasso, Fido’s cone is going to the dogs! Some of our favorite materials to use are colorful sticky backed vinyl, glitter glue/puffy paint, foam stickers and decals, chalk paint/oil based paint/sharpie markers. You can always get creative and glue materials directly to the cone such as faux fur, feathers, flowers, etc. But please make sure they are securely in place before putting them on your pet.


Furry friend looks so stylish in their Cone of Joy.

4) Share your Cone

Once your cone is complete, make sure to snag a picture and share your cone! Certainly, no photo is complete without your pup or kitty as the model. We highly encourage lots and lots of loving and treats, because our furry friends have not yet gotten the memo that these are cones of joy!






Cat looking regal in Cone of Joy.


To enter to win the 2018 Cone of Joy contest, post a photo to the Trupanion Facebook page or post to your own page and tag Trupanion. For the complete list of rules go here. 

Hope you have as much fun decorating your cone as we do!

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