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Neville and an Unexpected Trip to the ICU

Much like anyone else who works in the veterinary field, my love of animals has driven me to
fill my home with three dogs and two cats. With such a full house, it only made sense for my
fiancé and I to insure each pet for the unexpected with Trupanion, even if the unexpected was
seemingly many years away.

The youngest of our pack is our cat Neville. At just 3 years old, Neville was the picture of health;
lounging in the sun, chasing his tail, gazing out the window for hours, daydreaming away, and
maybe enjoying just a few too many treats every once in a while. It came as quite a shock last
June, when Neville suddenly developed a urinary blockage and had to be hospitalized in the
Intensive Care Unit. Within 48 hours it was determined that Neville needed to go into surgery
to widen his urethra.

Since then, Neville has had quite a few trips to the hospital. Due to the debris in his urine, his
body continues to create inflammation, making it difficult for him to urinate despite having the
surgery. After a lot of medications, hospitalizations, and adjustments in diet, he is finally his old
self again and it has been four months since his last hospital trip!

Knowing that Neville was covered by Trupanion left no doubt in my mind that we could move
ahead with his medical care and allowed me to focus on his recovery. Every night when Neville
climbs under the covers with me and snuggles up I think of how grateful I am for the gift
Trupanion has given us and the gift of life that they gave to Neville.

Kristyn K.




Livermore, California
Enrolled: September 2012
Condition: Urinary Blockage
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $7,328.07

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