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Nothing Can Keep Jagger Down

“Jagger is a Black Russian Terrier. When he was a little puppy he was so clumsy I thought, “this pup is going to break his neck.” I came in the house and signed him up for Trupanion pet insurance.

At about 6 months old he got one of my NSAID medication pill bottles and I found him chewing the bottle. So, not sure if he ingested any I took him to the emergency clinic to be checked out. They gave him charcoal, pumped his stomach and they kept him 2 days.

At about 8 months old while showing him, we noticed he was slightly lame on his right front leg. I took him to Dr. Earley and he took a x-ray. Jagger had elbow dysplasia. After a specialist did the CT scan, they confirmed the right and left elbow were dysplastic and he would need surgery. Due to his young age and severity of the dysplasia I went to see Dr. Jimi Cook at the University of Missouri, one of the top canine orthopedic surgeons in the country. Jagger had a procedure called CUE, Canine Unicompartmental Elbow, a partial elbow replacement. There are only 6 or 7 surgeons in the world doing this procedure. They did the right elbow and 14 months later, did the left elbow. Dr. Earley believes that without the surgeries he would have needed to be put to sleep, due to the severe nature of his dysplasia and the amount of pain he was in prior to surgery. He will be on medications and supplements for joint support for the rest of his life.

Without having Trupanion pet insurance this would have been a major struggle for me. Trupanion has paid out close to $11,000.00 to date for Jagger’s care. They paid my claim for his first surgery before I even received my credit card bill. They have been great.

Jagger is doing excellent at a little over 2 years old and 5 months post-op. He is still all puppy. He chases rabbits and squirrels in the yard, jumps up on the sofa and bed. They told me it takes up to a year to recover fully from the surgery, no one told Jagger that.”

Sharon M.



Weaverville, North Carolina
Enrolled: October 2011
Condition: Poisoning and Bilateral Elbow Dysplasia
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $11,133.16

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