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Peace of Mind for a Rescue Dachshund

I am a registered animal health technician, so I see every day the good that comes from having pet health insurance – and the bad when one doesn’t have it. It has been a Godsend for Joey!

Joey was rescued through a group we did work with in 2008. He came to our family because of our love for Dachshunds. It was an abusive home and he developed what appeared to be epilepsy due to this situation. The owners no longer wanted to deal with it and he would be very hard to place as a result. He also had fear-related anxiety. Fortunately, seizures have not been an issue for Joey since coming to us.

Joey was quite healthy until August of 2011. His appetite had decreased, but being a Dachsie, weight is an issue, so we weren’t too worried. When his eating became almost non-existent, I took him to work only to find he had turned yellow on us…not good! Initial bloodwork was inconclusive. Joey spent a week in the clinic on I.V. fluids while we ran almost every test in the book to rule out what it wasn’t to figure out what it was. I.V. fluids, medications, x-rays, lab test after lab test, ultrasounds, biopsies, bone marrow aspirate – all to no avail. Even the pathologists were stumped! One even took a personal interest in his case because it was so unusual.

Finally, the consensus was to treat it as atypical IMHA (immune-mediated hemolytic anemia), though the original bloodwork did not support it. We started prednisone and the response was almost immediate. Joey has since had a relapse and is in the clinic every week to check his CBC and Cyclosporine levels so we can adjust the numerous medications he is on. The bills are continuous and without Trupanion, I don’t think he would be here.

I can’t say enough as a veterinary professional and as a pet owner (all of my pets are covered with insurance) about the peace of mind Trupanion gives when there is a question about whether to go to the veterinarian or not. Any doubts are quickly erased because we know we are covered. My dad was even worried that Joey wouldn’t be eligible for coverage and still can’t believe everything he has gone through is covered!

Thank you, Trupanion for helping keep our Joey alive.

Margaret C.




Edmonton, Alberta
Enrolled: April 2004
Condition: IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia)
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $97,684.40


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